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Ways Entrepreneurs and The Self-Employed Can Save for Retirement

If you’re like me, you may have found your 9 to 5 job a way to pay the bills and secure your future and not much more.  I disliked my job, and every Sunday night, my stomach would churn as I thought about facing another week at work.  To make matters worse, because of the […]

How to Host a TweetChat

Last week I mentioned that a great way to promote your blog or other freelance writing was via a Twitter chat, aka a TweetChat. They can be great to promote to promote any business or product really, whether your hosting one yourself or participating in another website’s or product’s chat. They can also be a […]

Childhood Traits that Lead to Entrepreneurship

Have you been an entrepreneur all of your life? Probably not, but you probably had the traits of one since childhood. Adolescents who become entrepreneurs are often characterized as having: High self esteem High intelligence Higher incidences of risk taking behaviors Higher levels of independence A wealthy, educated, stable family How many of these traits […]

5 Methods for Responding to Negativity, Complaints, and Bad Reviews on Yelp

As a small business owner, you will inevitably be confronted with a complaint or review at some point. While you can put your heart and soul into giving your customers the best experience possible, you can’t please everyone all of the time. As the saying goes, haters gonna hate.   Set Expectations The easiest way […]

Saving Your Home Business and Preserving Assets with a CVA, Administration, or Pre-Pack Administration

As a home business owner and entrepreneur, you’ve probably had to do some creative thinking to start your own company – so why not exercise some creativity in bringing about a recovery when debt becomes an overwhelming burden. Unfortunately, most home business owners wait until their just about to be brought to Court by a […]