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If Success Were an Equation [eBook Giveaway]

What is the secret to success? A high IQ is a head start, but no guarantee. When it comes to smarts, success – like batteries – is sold separately. Some would argue that talent is a determining factor in how high we can fly. But talent, be it innate or cultivated, is only part of […]

Google+ for Bloggers and Writers

So I have to admit, although I initially signed up for Google+ when it first came out, I haven’t used it very much since (and neither have many of my friends). Recently I’ve noticed that a lot of my blogging and other writing friends use it, although I wasn’t quite sure how. I had an […]

How Not to Run a Business

Everywhere you turn, people are always telling entrepreneurs what to do to run a successful business. What many don’t hear is what they shouldn’t be doing when running a business. In this article, find out if you’re doing anything you shouldn’t be doing, so you can stop it, and continue on to achieving your goals. […]

Don’t Be a Jack of All Trades – Pick One and Be Really Good

When you open a new business, it may be tempting to offer every potential option that may come up in the areas of your expertise. However, you can often lower costs and increase revenue by limiting down to a focus list of your best products available.   Fewer Options Means Lower Costs If you sell […]

4 Tips for Building Your Personal Brand

Businesses of all sizes sink big bucks into building a brand. The brand is the total package; a name, look, and message that tell a story. It’s an essential part of the start-up process. But, branding isn’t reserved for businesses alone. Building your personal brand is critically important for entrepreneurs. As an entrepreneur, your personal brand will […]