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Vendor Diversity

One common problem for small businesses is managing their vendor relationships. Countless small businesses have failed because they couldn’t get the supplies or services they need at a fair price. Here are some ideas to best manage your supplier relationships so you don’t end up with problem vendors.   Find Multiple Vendors When you start […]

Be Creative to Save on Office Supplies

Extreme Couponing has become a popular show that shows people how you can save big on things like groceries and household items with coupons. Did you know that deals exist far beyond the grocery store and your company may be able to take advantage? Here are some creative solutions that can help you save on […]

Do You Need a Design Patent For Your Product?

Applying a solid and effective patent to your products or services is becoming more important than ever. The business world is very cut throat indeed, so you need to be well on your guard and knowledgeable on a range of rules and regulations that are in place. Such topic that has become more prominent of […]

Form W9 and 1099 For Indepedent Contractors

As a business owner, you will inevitably have to go to outside vendors for products and services. Whether you hired someone to work on your website or provide an outsourced service to a customer, it is important to track and report outsourced costs appropriately. Get a W9 from Each Contractor The IRS form W9 is […]

Employer Taxes You Have to Pay if You Hire

Businesses are always making decisions regarding the future of projects and help. We have discussed outsourcing here before, but sometimes it is better for the business to bring on a part-time or full-time employee to help keep your business growing. Here are some of the taxes you have to pay when hiring additional staff. Freelancers – […]