Archives for April 2012

How To Improve Work Life Balance

Working is certainly important, but we should be careful to ensure that our work never consumes our lives.  Similarly, we should also be careful not to let our personal lives interfere with our job.  Therefore, a balance is needed to control the relationship between our careers and personal lives.  This is especially true for freelancers […]

5 Key Leadership Traits

Leadership traits have become important for all aspects of life, even among those who are not in a leadership position.  They are essential for advancement across a variety of career fields.  They will also help parents raise outstanding families, entrepreneurs begin a successful small business and provide crucial skills for a number of lifelong endeavors.  […]

Preparing for Small Business Taxes

The formation of a small business can be an exciting endeavor, but doing so does come with its own set of concerns and regulations.  By far the most important and complicated issues facing new entrepreneurs stems from the unique tax laws that specifically affect small businesses.  The process of filing taxes for small businesses differs […]