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Are Office Politics Killing Your Business?

Office politics are commonplace aspects of most work environments. These “politics” or groupings of people who bond together over a shared place within the organization or feelings, are generally hierarchical. Meaning, when it comes to the different levels of office politics, the big wigs are generally in agreement with the big wigs, the little fish […]

Employee or Independent Contractor?

Economic factors in recent years have led many businesses of all types and sizes to focus on building a contingent workforce rather than an employee base.  While this helps relieve financial hardships for many individuals and companies, it may also lead to some confusion regarding a particular individual’s role within a company.  If a worker […]

Why I Had a Hard Time With Holiday Hiring

I do a lot of holiday hiring, and I felt like this year was extraordinarily difficult to find great, talented individuals.  I was looking to hire roughly 70 individual for various jobs – all just above minimum wage jobs.  Despite reports of so many unemployed, looking for work individuals, I had to do roughly 350 interviews to staff these […]

3 C’s of Crisis Management

Crisis management is important to any organization – from small one-person shop to large enterprises.  And crises do not need to be all negative events, they could be unexpected positives that suddenly shine the media spotlight on your business.  However, many do associate most crises with being a negative media event – such as a scandal, […]