You Need Diversity Training The Workplace

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Why Do We Need Diversity Training?

The United States of America is undoubtedly one of the most racist countries in the world with its vitriolic anti-blackness and its insistence upon recreating that anti-blackness with every subsequent generation of white people. The truth is, American racism is so historically notorious that it inspired other massive racist pandemics all across the world as people sought to learn more about exclusion and racism from Americans. For example, South Africans during Apartheid were inspired by American anti-black racism. Hitler, in his World War Two campaign of anti-semitism and evil, modeled his most problematic, scary and disgusting programs after the experiences of enslaved African-Americans. This is why of all places on earth, the United States of America should have diversity equity and inclusion training in every facet of its workplaces.

Here is one of the most shocking things you will learn and this is one hundred percent true: less than point one percent of white Americans believe that racism exists, and even within that less point one percent contains a massive range of responses. So for every 100 white people in America, only one is likely to believe that racism exists, and that person might believe in the existence of overt demonstrable racism, or they might believe in the existence of micro-aggressions and other small forms of racism. That means that even within the open-minded white persons experience there are massive blind spots in the way they view racism in society. It is absolutely terrifying to consider that even in the face of so many videos with white people being openly racist to others, most white people in America think that people of color who are on the receiving end of racism deserve it, or, they think that the racist experiences they are seeing on video are simply one-off experiences that are not indicative of a wider socio-cultural pattern.

America Has A Huge Problem And That Problem Is Racism

During the pandemic of 2020, if you recall, many Americans targeted their misplaced ire towards Asian-Americans, under the misguided assumption that Asian people created the pandemic to harm everyone else, which was a racist theory that was propagated by the then-president, who was (and still is) a terrible man. Racism is so widespread in American society that people are comfortable blaming an entire medical situation on an entire race of people and thus, people were violent and terrible towards Asian-Americans. There were a few documented cases of African-Americans being racist towards Asian-Americans, but it was mostly white Americans as one would expect. What is most interesting and also horrifying about this situation is that the lure of white supremacy is so strong that people were comfortable hurting our Asian-American brothers and sisters just for the chance to feel better than someone. In fact, President Lyndon B. Johnson once famously insinuated that white people in America are so racist that they do not care if you are robbing them blind as long as you are making them feel like they are better than black people simultaneously. African-Americans have a saying about all cultures that come to visit, work and live in America. People come to America and never learn the English language, never live among other communities, never eat American food, never make American friends and never enjoy American pastimes, and yet, they can all agree upon one thing: Their collective hatred of African-Americans and black people in general. Somehow, nothing else about America is able to connect with people who often find themselves in ethnic enclaves that have almost no bearing on how we recognize wider American society, except, the collective anti-blackness of the wider American society. Therefore if you think that in setting up your business in America, you do not need the help of websites like, you are sorely mistaken, as racism, especially anti-blackness and colorism, will show up in your corporation in no time unless it is actively combated.

Moving Towards a Possible Future

There is no reason to believe America is going to become less racist over time. That is a teleol

ogical argument that does not take into account the persistent energy of white supremacy, as white people in North America always find a way to oppress other races anew. In fact, black people who have visited Eastern Europe have found that they were subjected to intense racism as a result of what Europeans view on American television. The same thing happens in Asia regularly, where black visitors are subjected to racism as well. So when you are putting together your business, you have to consider including diversity, equity and inclusion training because if all cultures are treated well, all cultures will advance because your position in society is not made any better by oppressing someone else.

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