Why Invest in Custom Craft Beer Labels?

In recent years, craft beer has become a lucrative business for many American entrepreneurs, and competition in the market is making it increasingly difficult for small breweries that create quality products to stand out. Therefore, the visual aspect has become increasingly important. Many craft beer companies can only see a progressive increase in sales if they invest time and effort in their craft beer labels. First impressions are worth a thousand words, especially when choosing your desired products. A custom label can allow your product to stand out from the competition, convey a symbolic message about your company, and, last but not least, provide a way to showcase the quality of the beer you produce.

The United States is home to many large-scale brewing companies. However, in recent decades it has also become a haven for micro-breweries that excel in innovation and originality. From the sour beers found in Pennsylvania to the unique, strong barley taste in the craft beers produced in Idaho, the USA has become, more than any other place in the world, the country that made the most innovative beers in recent years. And this can be seen in the progressive increase in market share enjoyed by micro-breweries. But you may have questions, so in the following article, we will try to answer your queries and look at how craft beer labels can be crucial to the success of your business.

Why Are Labels So Important?

First, we should define what craft beer is. Craft beer is a general term that refers to beers created by micro-breweries, using ingredients of verified origin and traditional methods. Craft beer, in short, refers to beers produced on a smaller scale, often with a unique, richer flavor than those made on a larger scale. Craft beers are recognized as superior quality; they differ from brewer to brewer and may implement different flavor profiles depending on the origin of the local ingredients used. Craft beers are steadily growing in popularity in the United States, with micro-brewers recording a market share of over 26% in 2021, representing a doubling of their presence in less than a decade.

Craft beer labels could help you differentiate yourself from the increasingly fierce competition in this field of activity, they could be a way for you to convey to your target audience the elements that make your beer unique, and they could be a way for you to enhance the brand image of your business. Have you created a craft beer with a fruity taste that millennials appreciate? Then a colorful and abstract beer label could be a great option. The flavor of the brewed beer is strong and bitter? Then perhaps it will be appreciated by beer purists, and the label should be restrained and minimalist. Craft beer labels can present a narrative thread or highlight your brewery’s motto. They can showcase the process by which your beer reaches the shelves and help you form a personal connection with consumers of your products.

What Elements Should Be Present on a Beer Label?

As alcoholic products, beer labels in the United States are regulated by the TTB and must contain several distinct and easily identifiable elements. First, any beer label must show the brand name used by the brewing company. Then the label must present the alcohol percentage of the beer, its net quantity, information about the origin of the ingredients and about the brewery, the best-before date of the product, and recommendations or facts about serving. But in addition to these elements and the warnings required by the government for alcoholic beverages, the label can be personalized however you wish.

Would you like, for instance, to have printed on the back of the label a brief history of your brewery or a description of the process used to achieve the unique flavors of your brewed product? Then you can do this. Would you like a minimalist label design that lets the taste do the talking? Then you can try this approach. Given the storage conditions, beer labels must be resistant to moisture and bonded with strong adhesives. Therefore, vinyl and polyester labels are ideal for this use, as are acrylic glues, the most common adhesives used for beer bottle applications.

What Makes an Ideal Craft Beer?

The origin of beer dates back thousands of years and can be found in the remotest corners of Mesopotamia. But today, the beer industry is vast, and micro-breweries pushing the boundaries of innovation have sprung up all over the United States. A quality beer uses locally sourced hops and malts, boasting a look and taste representative of the surrounding region. California, for example, is known for its hoppy IPAs, which are characterized by a high percentage of alcohol and a strong, bitter taste. Conversely, Colorado is known for its fantastic lagers and full-bodied dark beers with a strong and almost sweet flavor. In Pennsylvania, you might find some of the most appreciated craft pilsners in the country, while in Hawaii, you’ll probably find some of the fruitiest-tasting craft beers on the planet.

A good beer must first and foremost possess a complex taste that allows the used ingredients to stand out subtly yet boldly. Being produced on a smaller scale, craft beers are created using superior components and are more closely supervised, with their taste being tailored perfectly to the requirements of the brewer. Craft brewers are innovative, unafraid to try new flavors, and welcome regional differences. While mass-produced beers tend to be similar in taste, craft beers can differ massively, and you can be sure that somewhere in the United States, someone is brewing a beer that perfectly suits your palate.

It’s All About Innovation

Why should you invest in custom craft beer labels? Because you are an innovator, and the beer you produce is exceptional. A custom beer label can help you attract the attention of your target audience, and it can be a tool to differentiate your beer from the competition. A quality beer should be accompanied by a premium label that will retain its legibility regardless of storage conditions. Such a label can be a way to express your creativity and your company’s overall message.

Whether you want to use a minimalist template or the printed design to be colorful and abstract, using custom beer labels can do wonders for the marketing of your product and can be a complementary addition to your vision. Turning to a company that will work with you on the right design for your beer bottles could be one of the wisest decisions you can make. And a quality, professionally created label could lead to a positive ROI, turning your small business into a successful enterprise.