Why Every Commercial Business Should Have a Reliable Circuit Breaker

The last thing a business wants to deal with is a tripped circuit breaker. Reliability with electronics comes down to the quality of the components. For the most reliable setup, its best to not take chances with inferior parts.

Making the Right Choice

There are plenty of places to get the best square d 50 amp breaker for your business. But identifying what you already have is the best way to ensure optimal capabilities. There are a lot of businesses surviving off of a circuit breaker that is ‘good enough’. The problem with this is that longevity does not always equal good performance. Old equipment and materials will go through small breakdowns that will force the business to make odd compromises. That means avoiding certain plugs, or dealing with power surges during working hours. No one wants to tiptoe around an unreliable circuit breaker when there is money to be made. And no business should have to map out zones to work around the inefficiencies of their bad circuit breaker.

Biggest Mistakes

When dealing with industrial circuit breakers, the biggest mistake is treating them like consumer level circuit breakers. Many small business owners have wasted thousands of dollars fixing a problem that existed since opening their business. It all starts by renting out an older building without caring about the inner workings of the circuit breaker. Over time, small problems are ignored that turn into bigger problems later on. A good example of this is flickering lights, a possible sign of an overloaded circuit breaker. On any particular day, an overloaded circuit could completely shut down your business. The repair costs will be high, but was completely avoidable. A commercial business has to consider the health of a circuit breaker before signing the lease agreement.

Maintenance is Cheap

Maintenance of a circuit breaker is cheap, even when you factor in a full upgrade. The price is so low that it would make no sense for a business to ignore its upkeep. Remember, a circuit breaker touches every important piece of hardware in the building. Keeping a bad circuit breaker is like having a smoking engine in a car. You can ignore it, but the end result will be the same regardless of the miles it can drive. Randomly shutting down your business due to a lack of maintenance is embarrassing to the image of the company.


Getting spare circuit breaker parts is a simple task when you understand the components. The five universal parts are the trip unit, arc extinguisher, contacts, frame and operating mechanism. A business that knows the ins and outs of their own circuit breaker can attack the weak point before it becomes a problem. By understanding which parts fail the most, you will have a better idea of which backup parts are the most valuable. This works great with several businesses in close proximity that need to share resources.

The Perfect Start

Prioritize your hardware and put the company first. A business shouldn’t lose money due to unreliable power issues. You are in full control of the situation, and your choices with a circuit breaker will affect the entire company.

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