What should I do if I was scammed by an FXPN broker?

We give you an easy solution to get your money back from FXPN broker in case you were scammed

What is a broker FXPN?

FXPN is a CySEC regulated trading brand under Leverate Financial Services Ltd. Since the broker itself is not regulated, it’s “borrowing” the regulation from another company, putting its platform under Leverate’s name. You can already understand the value of this regulation.

FXPN broker

Leverate Financial Services Ltd is already well-known for providing its white-label services to other scam brands, such as PumaTS that was blacklisted by German BaFIN and Basel Capital Markets.

If you want to know more, you can read our FXPN review.

How can FXPN take your money?

For supposedly regulated brokers, taking money is an easy task. According to FXPN reviews, all the clients registered to one of the FXPN trading ads. They were virtually promised thousands of dollars if they started investing with the company.

For those with a bit more trading experience, CySEC regulation was enough to believe they were dealing with a legit business. However, if you go a little deeper into research, you will understand that FXPN is nothing but a Leverate’s ancillary that scams clients without a proper license.

Once you get involved with a company such as FXPN forex broker (also known as binary options trading company years ago), you will see how easy it is for your funds to disappear. There is a reason why binary options were banned in Europe in 2018 and why these companies were considered illegal.

Once you have made a tremendously high deposit with FXPN, your account is suspended, and you cannot access the funds anymore. And this is when you know you have been a victim of cyber fraud.

What to do if you have already gotten into the hands of a scammer?

If you have been involved with an FXPN broker and got scammed, you can try filing a complaint to CySEC. Since the broker is not directly regulated but through a middleman, or a middle company, most likely, your complaint won’t be accepted. That is what usually happens to FXPN clients, according to reviews. 

After you try to go the easy way, you need to think out of the box. What is the solution for getting funds back in case of a scam? It’s filing a dispute and requesting a chargeback. Sometimes, this is easier said than done. Since your bank won’t be too keen to help you collect the evidence, you need to do it yourself. Or to ask for help from experts.
Since our company is dealing with refund processes for years, we will be glad to assist you. Please, submit your details in the form below and let us know what happened https://globalfraudprotection.com/. We will book your free consultations and explain to you how to start the procedure. Let’s get your hard-earned money back now! 

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