What is the Hybrid Workplace?

What is the Hybrid Workplace?

Attitudes towards how we work were changing before the pandemic and that global event has accelerated the process and made us review the way we live and work.

Coworking spaces have rapidly grown in popularity as a result of this shift in attitudes and working practices have been able to evolve at the same pace, with the help of coworking management software, for example.

These changes have prompted some to declare that the future of work is hybrid, but what exactly does that mean?

Here is a look at some of the reasons why the way we work will never be the same again.

How people want to work

It has now become mainstream thinking amongst workers who used to commute to an office that they don’t want to return to that same arrangement post-pandemic.

A large percentage of office workers are now looking to spend about ten days in every month working in an office, with the rest of their time covered by remote working.

Thanks to Zoom and other software options, almost everyone now tends to hold the opinion that meetings are just as easy to hold remotely without all of the participants being in the same room.

There is also the issue of health and safety. Workers want to be reassured that their office environment is safe and secure and this is much more of a concern than ever before.

This shift in attitudes relating to how people want to work in the future encapsulates exactly what a hybrid solution can deliver.

Hybrid working can be best described as an adaptive solution that meets the demands of workers and how they want to work in the future. 

The right environment for hybrid work

Having established that workers want a new way to carry out their tasks in the most productive way possible it is clear that many traditional office spaces do not meet the standards required in terms of technology, and delivering a safe environment.

This is one of the fundamental reasons why coworking spaces have become so popular.

They offer the perfect hybrid solution in a number of different ways. When it comes to offering a safer space to work, coworking spaces have been specifically designed to meet the latest in-person guidelines.

The sort of features that help them meet these objectives include touchless and voice-activated systems and facilities.

Ahead of the curve

With so many people wanting to find a convenient working solution that does not involve commuting to their usual office on a daily basis, coworking spaces are purpose-built to facilitate hybrid working.

The ability to carry out all of the usual office tasks are all under one roof. Renting a space or a meeting room makes it easy to be flexible with working arrangements and help improve efficiency at the same time.

There is little doubt that the rise of the hybrid workplace is not a short-lived solution in response to restrictions imposed by the pandemic. Instead, it is a blueprint that meets the needs of how people want to work in the future.

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