What is a Business Lifestyle?

People waste more than twenty hours of time per week. That’s more than a full day of waking hours. Heck, that’s about three and a half workdays.

Time is more than just money — time is productivity, time is life. If you’re not operating your life around a business lifestyle, you’ll never achieve your goals.

business lifestyle

But how do you adapt to the business life cycle? How do you succeed in the business world?

If you’ve found yourself asking these questions, you’ve come to the right place. This article will walk you through all you need to know about building a lifestyle and give you some busy-life quotes.

Start the Day Off Right

To adapt to a business lifestyle, you’re going to need to adapt that “eat the frog” mentality. The “eat the frog” philosophy revolves around a simple metaphor: if you have to eat a frog, it’s best to do it first thing in the morning.

Eating the frog symbolizes the hardest, least desirable task you need to do during your day. If you conquer this task first thing in the morning, it’s all downhill from there; you only have tasks left that you prefer completing. It’ll also give you a boost of motivation to know that you did something so brave so early.

The reader should understand that your “frog” can change from day to day. It could be as simple as throwing out some spoiled milk to your fridge as difficult as drafting an important business email.

Everyone’s frog is different; we all specialize in different things. Make sure you’re not letting someone else’s idea of a “frog” influence you.

For one person, drafting that dreaded email could be the hardest part of the day. However, to another person (who perhaps went to college for creative writing), drafting an email is a breeze. It’s important to identify your own frog before you eat it.

Find Something You Can Work Hard At

Hard work isn’t easy — that’s why it’s called hard work. However, you might have heard of the dictum “don’t work harder, work smarter.” In reality, you need a combination of hard and smart work to make your business lifestyle work for you.

Make sure all of your business endeavors inspire you to do hard work. Hard work should be free, quick, fast, focused, in a state of flow. If you feel drained at the end of just a few hours of work, you may not be in the correct business to live the lifestyle of your dreams.

If you’ve found yourself stuck in your day job, that’s alright. It’s all rehearsal for the big show. Make sure you give it you’re all for the complete length of time you’re clocked in; this will prepare you for the jobs you do care about.

In both situations, you always need to be looking for the next move.

If you work a day job, who are the people you know, that could be good to go into business with? Who’s willing to risk it all and work as hard as they can? What are you good at/ what market shave opened up around you?

If you already run a business, constantly assess what you can improve. How are your worker’s performance, are there any roles you need filled? How can you better adapt your leadership style towards success?

Side Hustles

More likely than not, most of the successful business people out there have multiple endeavors going on. What are the extra things you could be doing to bring in more profit and business?

The internet has made it easier than ever to establish multiple streams of income. Simple sites like Fiver allow anybody to sell their skills, refine their techniques, and gain a reputation. Gary Vaynerchuk built himself into the business Guru he is today by talking on YouTube about the wine company he ran.

Consider other great resources you can acquire, such as a special purpose acquisition company. SPAC’s are a bit too complicated for us to go into here, so if you want to know what a special purpose acquisition company is, check out this helpful guide.


Here’s one that many people neglect: reading. However, it might just be the key to help you take over the business world. Warren Buffet claims he spends 80 percent of his day reading; he attributes his business acumen to his love of learning.

But that’s not all. Bill Gates reads fifty books a year and spends time reading Ph.D. dissertations. Elon Musk learned to built rockers from reading books.

Many business people think they can only learn from experience, the “school of hard knocks.” While experience is extremely important, there’s nothing romantic about failure. Books can teach you what you need to know to succeed the first time.

Let’s take, for example, the story of two men who go o adventures in the woods.

The first is the rugged survivalist type who considers himself too manly for books. He goes into the woods, forgets to pack a snack, and decides to eat some berries. He tries a particular type of berry, and they make him sick, but he prides himself on his rugged experience knowledge; now he knows which berries are poisonous.

The other man is a bit more bookish and likes to read; he reads up a book on woods adventures before he goes out into the woods. In the book, he learns not only which berries are poisonous but which are safe and nutritious to eat. He goes to the woods, doesn’t need to pack a snack, eats some delicious berries, and has a great time.

The message is clear. Both learned the same lesson, but one was able to avoid vomiting up his berries and optimize his experience.

Adopt a Business Lifestyle

If you want to live a business lifestyle, it’s not as difficult as it seems. Spend your mornings doing the hardest thing in your day, your days working towards your business goals, and your evenings recharging and acquiring new information. By following these business tips, you’ll surely grow stronger in the business world.

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