What Does “PMO” Mean on Instagram?

Social media is expanding the use of acronyms and “slang” words that are easy to understand and quick to text. PMO has been gaining a lot of traction recently. If you are an avid texter or use Instagram to send direct messages, you may have heard phrases like TTM and HMU.

But what does PMO mean, and why is it becoming such a popular slang across Instagram and Snapchat? If you need clarification, get around with a pen and paper because we will be spilling all the beans.

From explaining what PMO means to showcasing how to use it in a conversation, we will explore all the details in this article.

What is PMO?

Surprisingly, PMO has two distinct meanings when used as an acronym in a conversation on Instagram or Snapchat.

Firstly, it usually translates to “Put me on,” which depicts how someone got hooked to some activity or thing. Conversely, people also use it to denote “Pisses me off,” which depicts annoyance in a person or a situation.

Technically, due to its dual meaning, you might wonder, “Won’t I be confused?” Well, understanding the tone and context of a conversation’s use of PMO should enable you to figure out how PMO is being used in the first place.

How do You Use PMO in a Conversation?

Now that you clearly understand what PMO stands for, this acronym’s dual nature leaves many people needing clarification.

How do you use it in a conversation? Where does it fit well when you interact with people? Technically, you need to read the conversation and then implement its use accordingly.

1. PMO or Put me on

As mentioned before, PMO stands for Put me on. This is the most commonly used abbreviation in a conversation, so it’s safe to assume that’s the first one we will discuss.

Now, Put Me On usually translates to a situation where you want to connect with someone, or you want to convey that someone has “put you” onto something. Either way, the following are a few examples:

“Hey, I plan on sending in my resume to your company. Could it be PMO with your HR?” In this, you are requesting your friend to connect you to your company’s HR because you plan to apply to the company for a vacancy they had previously shared.

“Wow! Those are some amazing gadgets you have got there. PMO with the outlet owner you bought them from.” In this, you ask someone to give you the address or contact details of the shop owner who sold the gadgets.

In either conversation, the use of PMO is in a polite sense where you are asking them for connections.

2. Pisses me Off

Next, PMO and its use in a somewhat negative setting. Pisses me off is a way to convey when you are frustrated with someone or a situation at hand. It can also depict “pissed me off.”

Following are a few examples:

“I am tired of this long commute to work. The traffic PMO.” In this, you are conveying how the long commute to work with extensive traffic frustrates you daily.

“You know, I gave my phone to a friend to see an image in the gallery, and he kept swiping without asking me. This kind of behavior PMO.” As expressed, it showcases how frustrated you are because people are trying to invade your privacy without asking you for permission before swiping through your gallery.

The use of PMO depends on the nature of the conversation. You need to read how the conversation is progressing, make sense of it, and then use or understand the use of PMO.

How to Reply to PMO?

Simply understanding how to use PMO in a conversation isn’t enough. You need to know how to reply to someone who sends you this acronym.

The replies would be straight and simple, depending on the conversation. Here’s an example:

“Could you PMO with Steve? I need to ask him about the paintings he has been doing.”

You can reply, “Yeah! I’ll ask him first, see how he responds, and then get back to you.”

“Do you want to PMO your contacts?”

You can reply, “Definitely! Leave your number, and I’ll call you.”

In most cases, how you reply to PMO depends on the flow of the conversation. By understanding the tone better, you can determine the best way to reply.

Are There Other Uses of PMO on Instagram?

Beyond these dual examples of PMOs that we discuss, PMOs also have a few official meanings in one’s workplace.

For example, a PMO can be translated into a corporate or office-setting project management office. This is the central team in the company that looks after ongoing projects. However, since people use Instagram to keep their social lives thriving and to keep themselves entertained, the possible use of PMO as a project management office is rare.

What are some tips to keep in mind when using PMOs on Instagram?

When it comes to using acronyms on Instagram, several factors must be kept in mind. Not everyone is aware of acronyms, so they might be confused to begin with.

So, when you have an acronym with “dual meaning,” you must be careful how you use it. Following are a few tips to keep in mind:

Don’t rush with the use of PMO. The key here is to read the conversation, understand the tone, and reply accordingly. If you don’t understand the intended use of PMO, there’s nothing wrong with asking people about it.

The use of PMO also depends on your relationship with the person you are talking to. Acronyms are more common among friends and acquaintances for easy conversation flow.


Social media conversations can be tricky to work through, especially when you have uncommon acronyms like PMO. If you are an avid Instagram user and need clarification about using this particular acronym properly, we hope this guide gives you all the details you need to get through the conversations without any roadblocks.