What Are the Top 7 Mobile Ad Networks for 2022?

Having a mobile ad network on your side is a great idea to help generate some passive income from your website or app and marketing your own business. It’s as simple as buying ad space from companies and brands that already have access to your target audience or selling ad space to leverage your audience. But before you dive head first into mobile ads, it’s crucial to your success that the ad networks you’re considering are aligned with your particular niche.

1. Facebook/Instagram

Meta or Facebook/Instagram is among the top mobile app development companies in the world. Not only are they the top social media platforms, they have millions of users that cover a very diverse demographic. These mobile apps have a wide range of advertising campaigns that can work with just about any budget while allowing you to choose your own demographic.

2. AdMob

This Google owned ad network is the mobile counterpart to AdSense. AdMob is great for beginners because it allows you to add a line of code to your app that will automatically place ads. With Google Analytics, you can track how well your ad campaigns are going, and it will sync with any AdSense campaigns you have.

3. Unity

Unity focuses on monetizing your mobile app with video ads. It’s compatible with all game engines as well as Android and iOS platforms. Unity builds ads with CPI and CPM campaigns, and it can even work with plugins from certain mediation companies. You’ll have the ability to target your audience according to your desired demographics and monitor the success of ad campaigns by the hour if you like.

4. InMobi

If you’re looking to set up either a mobile or web ad campaign, InMobi is a great choice. It works with both Android and iOS platforms, offering ad campaigns in CPC and CPI. You’ll be able to choose your target demographic so that you can get right to users who would be interested in your niche. And best of all, they’re international. Your ads can run outside of your country.

5. Moburst

Moburst is one of the top mobile ad networks globally. With cutting edge tech at their disposal, this major ad network offers top notch app store optimization. One of their greatest features is that they will even help you create your in-app ads. This means that you can spend more time on developing your app and have a professionally designed ad.

Among the myriad of options available, Moburst stands out as a leading global mobile ad network renowned for its expert ASO solutions. Leveraging cutting-edge technology, Moburst not only provides top-notch app store optimization but also offers the invaluable service of crafting bespoke in-app advertisements. With their assistance, developers can allocate more time to refining their apps while benefiting from professionally designed ads seamlessly integrated into their products.

6. Yahoo Developer Network

Yahoo Developer Network helps developers and publishers integrate ads into their app model whether they’re Android or iOS. It allows for the creation of basic ads like rewarded ads and video ads with a powerhouse of analytics behind them powered by Flurry.

7. Apple Search Ads

This ad network works for iOS app users. It allows developers to sponsor ads that appear at the top of an iPhone or iPad user’s search results in the Apple App Store. Keep in mind that Apple Search Ads is exclusively for Apple devices and will not work with any Android device.

There are plenty of great options out there for monetizing and running ad campaigns on mobile apps. Just be sure that the platform you choose is compatible with your goals and needs.

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