What are the Benefits of Advanced TV for Marketers?

What are the Benefits of Advanced TV for Marketers?

All non-traditional television is classified as Advanced TV, from OTT to Video-on-demand. Nowadays, all ways of watching TV seem to be through some form of advanced TV, as conventional television lurks behind in the shadow of advanced television. 

With several viewing methods and the unlimited viewing options on several streaming services, devices and software, advanced television is not only the most popular TV viewing method among consumers – it has so many benefits for marketers too.

So, let us take a look at all the key benefits of advanced TV for marketers.

Targeting and Customisable audiences

Advertisers may choose from advanced TV’s vast array of targeted, customisable audiences including demographic, psychographic, and behavioural classifiers by merging broadcasters’ first party or customer data sets with other data sources they have access to. Businesses and marketers can target customers who are most likely to be interested in the products or services they are marketing using audience-based data targeting.

Wide audience reach

While more consumers pull the cable and ditch traditional television and switch to more advanced means of viewing video, advanced television will be able to reach a broader audience than ever before. Advanced TV provides an opportunity for marketers to bring their messages in front of their target demographic at scale and at speed. Adding VOD content to a linear TV campaign is also a cost-effective technique to expand reach.


Advanced TV has opened up the opportunity for geo-targeting. This is applicable to businesses of all sizes, and it has made television more appealing to a wider range of brands, many of which may not have explored it previously, such as smaller businesses with extremely specific geographic footprints.

Data to match customers

Marketers can integrate and match their own consumer data sets with the first-party data from streaming and advanced broadcasting networks, platforms, devices and channels. Marketers can now target extremely specific demographics that can help them achieve very tactical marketing goals.

Premium services and library

Top advanced TV content providers offer live-streaming, over-the-top (OTT), and video-on-demand content to their audiences. Customers may even get premium features like shared viewing and improved viewability with VOD services. Ads that aren’t skippable can ensure that your message is noticed amid highly viewed content. This premium content environment attracts many consumers, making it a highly popular and accessed means of TV, making it a goldmine for marketers to get involved and reap the benefits.

Optimisation and measurement in real time

Marketers are able to monitor campaign effectiveness and performance, as well as being able to optimise audiences and content in real time, which enables you to keep track of everything as it is currently happening.

Flexible pricing and more leads

Depending on your reach or frequency, advanced TV ads can have flexible pricing. While your cost per lead may be expensive at the strategy level, incorporating advanced TV into your marketing strategy will lower your total cost per lead or generate more leads.


Personalised advertising can be delivered to households to individuals or shared audiences on personal devices via advanced television.

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