Bugs Away: 4 Ways to Keep Your House Free of Pests and Insects

4 Ways to Keep Your House Free of Pests and Insects

Bugs appreciate a lovely home for the same reasons you do. They want food, water, and a place to stay. They’ll move in if they can locate these in your home. Annoying ants, disgusting cockroaches, weird earwigs, scary firebats, big flies, creepy house centipedes, harmful silverfish, and even friendly spiders are the most common bugs found inside homes. Also, pet owners occasionally deal with fleas and ticks in their homes. You can use various methods, although one of the most effective methods would be to hire services for insect or tick control. Each of these pests appears at different times of the year, and some are more troublesome in some regions of the country than others. Here are some of the easiest ways to keep them off your home.

Be Watchful

True: Insects are indeed able to have magic abilities seemingly. Mosquitoes are said to fly, and cockroaches are said to be able to survive the apocalypse. It would be best if you looked out for warning signs and problem areas to help you prevent intrusions into your personal space. As another example, ants “send out scouts” to see if your home is ant-friendly, and even a single ant or two in the home can prompt home pest control. Find out where the bugs gather in the environment and examine the situation. You can help to keep ants and termites away from your home by keeping firewood at least 20 feet away. Experts assert that standing water provides an ideal breeding ground for mosquitoes.

Keep All the Rooms Clean

The fact that bugs are drawn to messes is one thing that gives them a bad reputation. The best way to keep pests away from your home is to keep it clean, especially in the kitchen, where crumbs and other potential threats can be found. Properly maintain your vacuum (once a week is suggested); additionally, on days when you’re not in the mood to do the laundry, cover or seal your trash bins. Cockroaches are drawn to the smell of paper and therefore are fearful of bright light, so to keep cockroach populations at bay, avoid piling clutter near the places where they can gather, such as piles of paper, boxes, or bags.

Get Rid of the Ants

Previously, we would have done things the old-fashioned way, like getting the Raid can, but we use all-natural prevention these days. This is advantageous for you since you have a lot of options. Some smells, mainly the scented ones, are disgusting to ants. Cleaning your cupboards with vinegar is a good idea, as it not only disinfects but also attracts ants. To keep ants from invading your house, try making a simple bug spray. Soapy water is an effective solution for getting rid of ants without having to resort to harsh chemicals.

When it comes to ants, using various spices such as black pepper, cinnamon, mint, red chili powder, and turmeric can demoralize them. Work in the areas where ants have been discovered with a light dusting of flour. Another non-toxic approach to keep ants out; cucumber peels in highly trafficked areas help keep ants away. You can also encourage ants to enter a trap and then slay them.

Stay Dry

Pests are attracted to water, which makes it doubly dangerous. Wet areas serve as both a breeding ground for insects and a drinking fountain for humans. A sink full of dirty dishes and standing water is an obvious source of the problem, but look for it in less obvious places, as well. Leaking pipes beneath the sink or in the bathroom are not uncommon. If they are, you should contact a plumber. Basements and attics, for example, can be a source of moisture. If you notice an excessive amount of moisture in these areas, you should consider installing a dehumidifier. Keep in mind that cockroaches, in particular, are constantly on the lookout for water, hence their more “polite” nickname of “waterbug.”

Although you did everything possible, not every pest problem can be solved with a dash of chili powder. For example, are you getting a lot of itchy bites while you’re sleeping? Something may be wrong. Kevin Lemasters, President of EnviroPest, says that bed bugs are the most difficult to eradicate. In addition, termites necessitate the use of a licensed exterminator because of the potential for significant financial loss if not dealt with properly. If you come across piles of discarded wings or piles of “frass” (also known as termite droppings), they can be signs of a problem that a professional pest control company should handle.

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