Unusual Ways to Help Your Business Grow

Growing a business is the priority of every entrepreneur as it is critical for the success of a
business. Growth does not only come from buying and selling alone. It is rooted in other unusual
activities that you need to explore. Here are 4 ways to assist your business growth:

1. Outsourcing PEO services

A PEO is a company that offers human resource services to clients through a co-employment
relationship. These service providers are most essential when you are expanding your business
globally. Suppose you are expanding in Europe, when you use a global PEO in the UK offered
by NHGlobal Partners, your operations in this new territory are streamlined. How does PEO help
you? These service providers act as your UK Employer of Record. This means that they will
handle all matters relating to your staff from payroll, taxes, to the provision of benefits to your
English employees.

Additionally, there is an advantage of shared liability because your PEO will share all risks
related to hiring and managing employees with you. However, you have to choose your co-
employment firm wisely for you to enjoy the benefits of these benefits. Outsourcing such
services will have you committed to other efforts that are geared towards growing your business.
After these new employees are hired, it is good if you can identify them from the beginning and
distinguish them from one another. One of the ways is by getting them ID badges, something that
can easily be found by simply searching for ‘ID Card templates free download’ online.

2. Set up a website

In this day and age, you cannot have a business and fail to have a website for it. A web page is
like a manual of the products and services that you are providing which allows you to interact
with customers online. It also showcases your goods and provokes customers to make a
purchase. Although, having a site alone is not enough for the growth of your business. You need
to perform web optimization to stay ahead of your competition. The process of web optimization

involves using tools such as blogs to generate backlinks that make your site accessible to
customers. It also calls for page-to-page optimization to increase traffic on your website. Web
optimization should not be a one-time affair; you need to do it at least once every three months
for your site to rank higher.

3. Nurture your customers

You need to devise strategies to nurture your current customers and stay in touch with them. One
of the things that you should do to stay connected with them is by regularly sending them a
newsletter and other promotional content via email. Emails give a personalized touch hence
critical at nurturing relationships and promoting customer loyalty. You should take it as a great
privilege when customers consent to receive emails from you- engage them. You should also
reach out to your customers on social media platforms such as Facebook. Statistics show that
about 67% of your customers have used social media to source for customer service. Make no
mistake, social media is the preferred communication channel these days thus harnessing its
power! Lastly, you should aim to retain your customers at all costs given that sourcing for new
clients is an expensive affair.

4. Give back to the community

Philanthropy is a gesture of kindness and has a way of winning people’s hearts. The catch with
conducting charity work is that you get a chance to build your brand awareness while you give
back to the people around you. Therefore, you should consider sponsoring charity events in your
local community. Some of the philanthropic activities that you can engage in include helping
build homes for veterans, feeding the homeless, or taking part in marathons to support children
with terminal illnesses. The advantage of this approach is that you will be featured in the local
news which will boost your business reputation. While you assist your local community, ensure
that you take pictures and videos, and share them on your social media accounts. When the social
audience sees your commitment
to other people, they will be inclined to follow you, and over
time they will be converted to customers. So, pick one cause and pursue it!


When it comes to growing your business, you need to do what you can to remain visible, attract
customers, and retain them. Outsourcing services, nurturing customers, doing charity work, and
putting up a site are just the tip of the iceberg. When it comes to unusual ways of growing your
business, the opportunities are endless hence explore them fully!

About Mohit Tater

Mohit is the co-founder and editor of Entrepreneurship Life, a place where entrepreneurs, start-ups, and business owners can find wide ranging information, advice, resources, and tools for starting, running, and growing their businesses.