Types of Work Schedules For Field Organization

Different clocks displaying different timings.

Are you confused about which work schedule is best for your employees?

Selecting the proper work schedule is challenging. Because there are multiple types, and each type has its own pros and cons. However, that’s the reason we have come up with this blog.

It is difficult but not impossible as choosing a suitable work schedule is as simple as assigning work with service schedule software. So let’s find out the ideal schedule for your field business.

Different Types of Work Schedules

1)    Fixed Schedule

The most adopted work schedule is the fixed schedule. The employee has to work specific hours, for instance, eight hours in the organization. In such companies, you will find timings like 8 to 5 or 9 to 6. The management and employer decide the time for the work schedule.

Moreover, in the fixed schedule, you will hardly see changes in time; it remains the same for many years. You can also call a fixed schedule a standard because it is the most operated one.

Also, in the standard business schedule: the employees mark Monday to Friday as working days. With the help of schedule software, the automation process saves you time and allows you to set a weekly schedule.

2)    Flexible job

If you want to bring out the creative side of your employees, a flexible schedule job will be a good choice. It is similar to a fixed schedule but less strict to follow. For instance, an employee is supposed to work eight hours, but there is no fixed time, such as 8 to 5.

In a flexible job, the employer allows employees to work on specific hours and days of the week. However, a certain number of working hours in a day has to follow to maintain the company decorum.

As a business owner, it is vital to keep track of working hours, and with schedule software- you can manage it with a clock in and clock out hours worked by employees.

3)    Full-time and part-time job

It is a mix of both- fixed and flexible job schedules. A full-time job schedule is another standard and most-used work schedule in large organizations. A part-time job schedule is good for contractor work.

Full-time is for in-house employees and functions for particular shifts to finish the work. Part-time can be performed by a contract-based employee or a freelancer hired for a specific task. The working hours are different and assigned based on the assignment. 

Moreover, full-time employees get benefits such as paid leaves, sick leave, vacation days, and emergency leaves. And average works around 30 to 40 hours a week. There are no benefits for part-time employees who work at least 20 hours a week. 

4)    Rotating shift

In the field business, there are days when work remains unfinished. In such a situation, employees adopt rotating shifts to complete the task. The schedule is divided into shifts, and employees take turns on the project.

Business owners like you and employers assigned and determine shifts. The shift work is operated for more than 10 hours in a single day. For instance, one employee gets the morning shift from 7 to 3 whereas another gets the night shift from 12 to 8.

Sometimes to finish the work, an employee has to work extra hours and come to other shifts. Also, there will be less work stress as the work is split among employees, and every shift worker knows their role and job.

5)    No schedule

This point is surprising for many business owners. Mostly they have one question how will work be performed if the work is not scheduled for employees? Well, here, the worker does not have to work for specific hours and days.

The employees have to deliver specific outputs on a weekly or daily basis. The employee gets money based on work, so employees require to provide quality work to justify their salary. Several field organization hires freelancers for it.

And those were the most used work schedules in the field organization. To make the job schedule easier, get job scheduling software. It makes your job more manageable and keeps the field staff organized. 


Creating a work schedule is a critical part of project planning. Because if you don’t know where and for which task your employees are working, getting a positive outlook is difficult. So, start scheduling jobs to manage and operate field service business efficiently.

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