Top Merchant Solutions for the Restaurant Industry

Restaurants have spent a long time looking for a perfect fit POS system, and most of the attempts have been quite expensive. At least, that was true until the second generation Clover Station. The first Clover device was designed to work for as many industries as it could anticipate, with additional customization capabilities that allowed restaurants and other businesses to put together an app build to suit. The only drawback was that many of the apps full-service restaurants need to run efficiently were aftermarket add-ons. Luckily, the Clover Station 2.0 has learned from that, and all the core apps needed by restaurants are now bundled with the device, creating a superior out of the box experience at a price most businesses find very accessible.


Clover 2.0 Features

The full-sized clover station comes with a wide variety of merchant solutions designed to make managing a restaurant easier, including the ability to track inventory for drink sales and other ready-to-serve items. It also features table management and employee scheduling, making it possible to run the entire operation from the Clover device if necessary. The financial data exports easily to major bookkeeping programs, too. Of course, the good people at Clover have also learned to offer out of the box solutions for restaurants as a standard, so the Clover 2.0 is not the only choice that has operations like yours in mind. If you’re looking for something slimmer with a lower entry cost, there are a few great options with their own unique benefits, and they all feature the same great Clover OS.

Booker: A Clover Mini Built for Appointments

If your restaurant thrives on a reservation system because of high demand or limited seating, you’re going to love the Booker Clover build. It’s designed with out of the box apps that any appointment-based business needs, as well as the scheduling and inventory management tools needed by companies in a wide range of fields. Unlike the larger station, the Booker build is a single screen device capable of operating on its own, so an operation that needs several screens will have to link them as independent devices. This is the biggest difference from the Clover 2.0, which offers support for multiple screens in one POS device.

Looking for a Mobile POS Solution?

The Cloverflex is designed for pop-up experiences, food trucks, and other mobile businesses. With an always-on data connection and WiFi support in the same device, you can connect anyplace you get a signal to set up support for electronic payment options. Open event booths, cater functions, or just make it easier to complete customer transactions quickly. The Flex is the model built to meet you wherever your business meets the customer, and it shows.

So Which Build is Best?

There’s no one build that is better than the others because of the way Clover machines can be customized, but each definitely appeals to a different kind of restaurant. Full service dining establishments with a lot of seating and a large waitstaff will find the widest out of the box support in the full-size Clover Station, especially since it also supports modular add-ons as needed. For smaller establishments including fast service with a single register, the Booker build offers cost-effective support. It’s also great for small full service places that use reservations to manage customer demand. Of course, the mobile Flex is the mobile solution. Pick your best fit today.

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