Top 5 Tips to Win in Online Cricket Betting

Online Cricket Betting where a ball is placed on the keyboard surrounded by coins.

Online cricket betting is gaining rampant popularity globally and for many reasons. It is a quick way of earning good money, accessibility, and a diverse range of promotional bonuses that maximize value for money.

Finding some of the best online cricket betting sites in Indian rupees can be challenging if you don’t research correctly. 

That said, we have managed to shortlist the top foolproof tips that can help you win your next online cricket betting.

1. Choose the Right Website

There are hundreds, if not thousands of online cricket betting websites online. However, the problem lies in the choices you make. If you aren’t proactively searching for the best website, you will likely repent the choices you make. So, spend a little extra time researching reliable betting sites. Shortlist the top three, and then opt for the one that best inclines your interest.

2. Do your Team Research

When participating in online cricket betting, remember that being aware of the game, teams, and players is crucial. Avoid looking into just the recent wins of the cricket teams. Instead, you need to assess the average form of the players and the team. If possible, check the opponent team and their players too. Having an idea of which team or players you are betting against should strengthen your chances of a big win.

3. Don’t Blindly Rely on the Bookmaker

Your bookmarker in the online cricket betting website bases their predictions on manual knowledge. They aren’t here to fix the match or have a definitive idea of who will win. So, if they are rooting for their favorite team doesn’t guarantee a chance of winning at all times. Instead of blindly relying on the bookmaker, make your decisions based on personal research and knowledge.

4. Stick to Fewer Bets

Would you be surprised if we said that placing more bets reduces your chances of winning big? If you place the cricket bets to make money, we recommend you start small. For a single accumulator, three to four bets are completely fine. Indulging in a 20 or 30-fold accumulator will only complicate things and reduce your chances of a big win. So, start small and stick to fewer bets throughout.

5. Bet Rationally

Everyone has a favorite cricket team and a favorite cricket player. However, that’s where most losses stem from. If you are making your betting decisions from your heart because “that’s my favorite team” or “that’s my favorite player,” you are already pushing yourself towards a big loss. We aren’t saying that your favorite player might not bring you a big win, but that shouldn’t be your motive for betting. Instead, research the best players and the teams before you proceed with the bets you are placing.


Online cricket betting is hands down one of the easiest and most lucrative ways of winning good and steady money. However, your chances of a big win depends on the strategies and the research you put into the game. We hope this article gives you a comprehensive outlook on all the top tips to ensure your next big win in an online bet.

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