Top 5 Blockchain Marketing Strategies for Web3 Startups

Top 5 Blockchain Marketing Strategies for Web3 Startups

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Web 3.0 has been a long-awaited phenomenon where users have control and own their data, identities, and decisions on the internet. Since Web3 was proposed in 2006 by New York Times reporter John Markoff, it didn’t make much impact until the surge of blockchain technology and decentralization in 2010.

Dr. Gavin Wood, the co-founder of Ethereum, has been a major contributor to the technology. He launched the Web3 Foundation in 2017 to support Web 3.0 developers and startups, and this has seen a massive rise in the number of Web3 startups in the community.

As such, developers and startups have a lot to do in ensuring that their Web3 startups get people’s attention. An advantage is that everyone who loves security and privacy would love the Web 3.0 concept, but not everyone is aware of how it works, and this is where marketing comes into play.

In that case, here are some blockchain marketing tips and strategies Web3 startups may use to their advantage.

1. Participate in Thought Leadership and Community Building Summits

Thought leadership is an effective way of building relationships with people. Through it, people or potential clients can understand fully how a Web3 product or service works. This includes public speaking, elevator pitching, and so forth.

Participating in community building through online or social media campaigns can help drive the recognition your startup needs. Perhaps, you will be actively answering questions on social media channels and groups relating to your startups and the entire blockchain industry.

2. Hire a Qualified Blockchain Marketing Agency

Hiring a qualified blockchain marketing agency is invaluable in successfully marketing, pitching, and raising funds through crowd token sales. A blockchain marketing and PR agency is an all-in-one package covering ICO, customer/investors relationships, and promotions through digital and print media, as applicable.

You can find quality blockchain marketing agencies through google search and checking their case studies and portfolios. To cut the search, websites like Blockchain Marketing provide content covering blockchain marketing and tips to finding the perfect ICO and PR marketing agency for your brand.

3. Build a Community Through Content Marketing

Content Marketing involves consistently putting out content on the web and social media and applying effective marketing mechanisms, including SEO, pay-per-click (PPC) campaigns, and so forth, ensuring that your branded content reaches a large audience.

A good thing about content marketing is that it builds trust and a customer base that converts in the long run. However, content marketing requires financing, and budgeting and planning relevant strategies to achieve goals would help cut spending in your campaigns.

4. Stay Above Competitors Consistently

Although the Web3 market is still in its infancy, it shows promising returns in the long term. Many Web3 enthusiasts are looking for scalable and effective projects with very high privacy and low cost.

However, a major competition would be the fintech and media powerhouses venturing into the same niche. You should keep in mind that they have the resources and technical know-how and would prove to take a majority of your customers if you do not provide a unique and better product than theirs.

5. Understand Your Audience and How They Relate to Your Service

Right now, most internet users and consumers are Generation Z and Millennials, primarily interested in journalism, social media, and eCommerce. Understanding the statistics behind your potential consumers would help you channel your marketing strategies in the right direction.

You must also understand how these consumers may relate to your product by striking a fine balance between your service offering and use cases in the real world. Your audience should be able to understand what makes your product unique and how it solves real-world problems.


Blockchain marketing for innovations requires additional measures and content marketing to attract investors and consumers. However, with the right strategies in place, your campaigns would hit the nail on the head and drive desirable results. 

More so, you can take advantage of tons of tools and materials on the internet that can help you plan and find the right blockchain marketing agencies for your brand. 

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