3 Things That Will Help You with the Hiring Process

3 Things That Will Help You with the Hiring Process

Hiring new employees can be very difficult. As an employer, you’d like to optimize the process as much as possible to guarantee that you get the right candidate for the job. Here are three things that can help you do this:

1. ATS

Your company could use an applicant tracking system (ATS). The system can automatically filter job applications based on keywords and other criteria so that only the submissions from the most qualified candidates are brought to Management’s attention. 

Why is this useful? It can save time and energy. Some companies receive hundreds or thousands of resumes in a year. That’s too many for a single person to sort through. If you’re hoping to optimize your company processes and get through large amounts of applications, this could be an excellent tool to have in your back pocket. 

2. Headhunters

If you really want to make sure that you get the cream of the crop when you’re hiring, then you should connect with headhunters. They will have immediate access to a variety of high-performing job seekers, including ones that have the skills and the desire to work in your field. They could help you find the best applicants for your available positions, and fast.

Make sure that you find headhunters that specialize in your field or in the position that you’re hoping to fill. For instance, you should look into these sales headhunters whenever you’re searching for top salespeople to join your company. They will find you candidates with exceptional sales experience, education and skills. 

When you’re tired of receiving applications from candidates that are unqualified for the job, use a headhunting agency.

3. Competitive Salary

If your company is having trouble reeling in credible candidates for your available positions, it’s possible that you are not offering enough pay. The listing may be enticing, but if the salary is too low or too unclear, job seekers won’t apply. This is especially true when you’re looking for experienced, highly skilled workers in the field. If you want the best of the best, you have to pay them what they’re worth — or they’ll find another company that’s willing to do so. 

Offering a competitive salary will draw in applicants. It will also encourage them to stay long after you’ve hired them. There is a direct connection between low employee turnover rates and good pay, and vice versa. This happens at every job level. Research shows that 70% employees that earned a minimum wage of $7.25/hour planned to quit their job within a year because of their pay.  

So, try your best to fix the problem. If you haven’t disclosed the salary range in the job listing, you should do so. Job seekers want to know what they’re getting into. And if disclosing that information still isn’t enough, you should do a competitive salary analysis to see how much you can afford to boost your rates so that you can draw in the right applicants. It may feel risky at first, but it will be well worth the rewards.  

Your company shouldn’t have to struggle through the hiring process. These three strategies will help you find the best job candidates quickly and efficiently.

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