There Are Multiple Ways Crypto Can Be Beneficial to Business Growth

The use of cryptocurrency like Bitcoin for conducting business presents countless opportunities, yet as with any new exciting frontier, there are strong incentives and unknown dangers. Cryptocurrency usage isn’t a short-term fad. On the contrary, it’s a trend that will continue to provide benefits for companies in the future. If you plan on using cryptocurrency in your business, you must rationally understand why you’re taking this course of action and prepare thoughtfully. When you choose to engage with cryptocurrency, it engenders change across the organization and shifts beliefs and perspectives.

Bitcoin is the most illustrious cryptocurrency owing to its longevity and credibility, not to mention its features and benefits. You can buy Bitcoin online in just a few clicks with a debit card or credit card. Needless to say, Bitcoin isn’t the only cryptocurrency in town. Other commonly used cryptocurrencies by businesses are Ethereum, which enables the creation of smart contracts and decentralized applications. Cryptocurrency can effectively help your business accelerate its progress over the competition. Here are some examples to spark original thinking and increase creativity:

Accepting Cryptocurrency as Payment 

Consumers continue to switch to electronic payment methods to the detriment of cash in their day-to-day transactions, and this change is likely to have been accelerated in consequence of people’s responses to cryptocurrency. Every person wants a seamless shopping experience, so your business must diversify its payment options. Accepting credit cards is the minimum requirement. You can position yourself as a forward thinker by offering multiple payment options, such as cryptocurrency. When you prove you have your customers’ best interest at heart, your brand’s reach is seemingly endless. The competition for customers is stronger than ever, and the minor detail makes all the difference in the world.

If you’d like to join the ranks of thousands of businesses already accepting cryptocurrency as payment, you have two options: hold cryptocurrency on your balance sheet or adopt crypto-enabled payments. You can take the hands-off approach by which a service provider streamlines the conversion and keeps the cryptocurrency off the books. It requires a couple of adjustments across the organization and serves your immediate needs. Perhaps you’d like to expand cryptocurrency adoption within business operations. In that case, you should integrate blockchain technology into your company’s systems and manage your own private keys. There are limitations in today’s suite of tools, meaning you need an intermediary to trust and coordinate much of the capability. 

Protecting Yourself from Fraud

Payment fraud is an issue that affects organizations of all sizes and sectors, so taking proactive steps is crucial. Banks and payment firms alike are enthusiastic about cryptocurrency and its underlying technology, which can be leveraged in various ways. Big firms are already testing blockchain-inspired systems to make digital payments more secure and efficient. It’s easier to detect suspicious activity, as the data is recorded in real-time and updated with the approval of all parties in the network. In the past couple of years, identity fraud has been increasing at an alarming rate. The good news is that blockchain technology provides a solution to tackle identity theft by allowing you to identify digital identities on the chain. Customers aren’t exposed to malicious attacks.

Getting Access to New Liquidity and Capital

Your business needs cash to stay afloat. Strong liquidity means there’s enough money to honor debt obligations or current liabilities without having to raise external capital. If you’re in an industry with peak seasons or cyclical sales, you may rely on capital loans to help get by when there’s a decline in economic activity. In case you didn’t already know, it’s possible to borrow against your crypto through a cryptocurrency exchange or some other type of platform. The loan is much like a car loan or a mortgage in that your crypto holdings act as collateral – the lender has a guarantee they’ll receive the money back if you don’t repay the loan as agreed.

Trading cryptocurrency gives you access to various digital assets. Smart contracts can be locked for the sake of providing liquidity. More precisely, you can earn passive income on your investments by providing the decentralized market with liquidity for trades. Not only do liquidity pools offer support that’s needed for the survival of DeFi protocols’ core activities, but they also sustain investors with an appetite for risk (and high reward). You can collect high returns by distributing your cryptocurrency to trading pairs and incentivizing pools. Rewards take the shape of cryptocurrency or a fraction of trading fees from the exchange where you pool your assets.

Drawing In New Customers & Demographic Groups

The more customers you have, the more revenue you’ll generate, so do your best to keep your customer base fresh. Companies adopting cryptocurrency can attract buyers who prefer paying with Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies. An ever-increasing number of businesses accept cryptocurrency payments, including but not limited to Tesla, Starbucks, Microsoft, and Airbnb, to name a few. Don’t you want a more forward-thinking and tech-savvy clientele with disposable income? If the answer is yes, start accepting Bitcoin and other cryptocurrency payments. Your business can be well-managed and, as such, will yield more profits. Higher levels of customer satisfaction can lead to higher levels of customer loyalty, which in turn leads to higher profits.

Younger generations are more likely to have cryptocurrency in their wallets, but there are many skeptics, even among Millennials and Generation Z. Baby Boomers are the least interested in cryptocurrency. Nevertheless, it’s expected they will jump into cryptocurrencies as they go mainstream. Millennials are comfortable investing in cryptocurrency because they’ve found success in their careers and have a sizable amount to invest. Millennials are singular because they’re among some of the first generations to spend their lives online. Most importantly, they’re expected to accrue more wealth, only adding to their power to make changes in the economy.


All in all, the introduction of cryptocurrency into a company’s operations must be done slowly and incrementally. Engaging with cryptocurrency requires changing the way you think and becoming comfortable with the new realities across business activity.

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