The Value of Virtual Events to Support the Buying Journey

A woman attending a virtual event.

The world has changed significantly in the past few years and online marketplaces are growing rapidly. This means there are great opportunities for expansion as well as innovation when it comes to online events. Now more than ever, people are shopping online first, even if they plan to purchase in-store. Companies can benefit from utilizing virtual events as a part of the consumer’s buying journey.

Creating Community

Developing a sense of community is incredibly important. The goal of an online presence is to formulate relationships and build a community, and you can do that through online events. Through online events, people can not only grow more connected to you and your business, but they can also grow a connection with the other consumers in the community. The more connected consumers are, the more value they’ll find in the relationship that they have with your business

Common tools for community building within online events include:

  • Live chat features so people can interact with each other
  • Hosting games, like trivia, Pictionary, or another online game

Let Them Tell You

Some ideas can be a major flop, and when you fail to engage with your audience it can cause distance. If you want to know what your consumers want, sometimes it’s a good idea to ask them:

  • What. Allow them to tell you what they want to see. Not only can they help you reach them better, but they may also provide you with other great ideas for later.
  • Why. By giving them the opportunity for real-time feedback, you’re helping to show them why your company has value for them. 
  • How. You can give them the chance to tell you how they want to engage with you, whether they want a number they can text or an app they can use. This way you can better engage with your community, and they can see how much you value them.

Partner Up

Rather than hosting a virtual event alone, consider partnering with another business that aligns with your goals. Handling everything alone can be tricky, but with the support of another company, you can help and learn from each other. If you choose to partner with a company that is in a completely different field from you, you also have the opportunity to capture their audience. When you partner with another company, you build community.

Virtual Event Benefits

Virtual events can be valuable on several levels. Some advantages to virtual events include:

  • Cost. Because you’re not renting out a whole venue for an in-person event, you can keep costs down for not only you but also those attending your event.
  • Going green. In-person events are beneficial in a lot of ways, however, their impact on the environment can be detrimental. A virtual event removes the need for travel and the additional waste that is created by big events.
  • Inclusivity. Too often there are barriers to access for those with disabilities or those unable to travel. A virtual event brings more inclusivity to often underserved people and communities.

Hosting a virtual event leaves a lot of room for creativity as well as different ways to effectively engage with your potential audience. Contact RIVIR today for more information.

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