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In addition to organizing events, disseminating information, and using PR technologies, you invariably have a website. Companies engaged in serious activities, especially charity, try to create an image of a solid organization outside of time and conditions. People often look for your official website on the Internet to get acquainted with your activities. The credibility of the public depends on how modern and informative it’s designed. A non-updated and obsolete appearance may scare away potential investors or those wishing to take advantage of a charitable program. To solve the design issue quickly, efficiently, and without significant budget costs, there is such a development as the foundation WordPress theme.

You may see product examples on marketplaces, for instance, on TemplateMonster. Today we give a developer’s description and tell how this innovation can affect your company’s activities.

Foundation WordPress Theme – What Is It

This development has ready-made page layouts. After installation, the site will change. The appearance of sections, the arrangement of pages’ information, and even the structure are different. New units appeared, if they were not there before. Also, depending on the purchased development, the functionality may be unique. For example, multicurrency, multilingual, and the ability to make an online payment (that is, a charitable donation in your case).

These products group programmers made specifically for WordPress. Other CMS, such as Magento, OpenCart, Shopify, or PrestaShop, won’t work. Each CMS has its own separate offer. Be careful when buying.

Therefore, by installing the offer, you receive a new design. It’ll definitely be more modern, updated, and functional.

Another usefulness is a competent and intuitive information arrangement and structuring of sections. The visitor easily finds the necessary information and feels comfortable watching the news. Consequently, usability and attractiveness to the consumer are increased.

How Templates Help the Growing Of Non-profit Structures

Let’s look at the main points and secrets of offer. You’ll understand what proposal benefits you will receive.

So, a template or foundation WordPress theme has some features:

  • The new look helps build the image of a company that keeps up with the times.
  • Modern functionality helps receive donations online. You only need to set up the option to receive money. In essence and functionality, it’ll be like a shopping cart in an online store. Only a person can set the payment amount himself.
  • Erases boundaries. Thanks to multilingualism, you have a translation, and visitors from different parts of the world get acquainted with the main concept and ideology. Thus, the reach of people will be huge.
  • Inspires confidence. The design is so well thought out and doesn’t look prim and, at the same time, stylish that it cannot but attract attention. Ease of information presentation and a logical structure is clear to anyone.

As you can see, there are many benefits. Now let’s look for relevant products on the Internet.

Where to Buy a Good Template

Many CMS offer their own development options. However, the download number is so high that interest is immediately lost. Another disadvantage is the product’s versatility. No business specifics. After all, creating proposals for each niche and activity type is costly. It’s much easier to release a universal and flexible product. But in this case, the individual approach that every buyer of the template wants to get is lost.

There is a way out – look for marketplaces and independent developers. One of the most famous examples is TemplateMonster. Thanks to many years of experience in its field, the website has something to offer. Dozens of developments from many designers are on the marketplace. At the same time, there are highly specialized layouts for the charitable sphere and non-profit structures. You may also select a form with similar activities and tasks.

Advantages of TemplateMonster:

  • Offers variety.
  • Filter by type of activity.
  • Accessible and useful preview. Each proposition has a Demo page.
  • Constant updating of the proposals list. Therefore, the risk of buying an outdated design is extremely small.
  • Frequent discounts.

Your task is to choose the style that best suits the direction.


  1. What is the social foundation WordPress theme?

Products create a new external look which helps to make a positive image and get sympathy from the public. It’s also easy to edit the pages. Try to implement new ideas about appearance with these cool proposals.

  1. How to use the social foundation WordPress theme?

Use becomes easier if you read the instructions. No time for settings? TemplateMonster has additional installation and configuration services.

  1. How to edit the social foundation WordPress theme?

You edit almost everything in layouts. The instructions help to cope with the task. Each buyer receives the document immediately after payment.

  1. Does the social foundation WordPress theme have support?

Yes, TemplateMonster contains information that all buyers will receive six months of free support from the developer.

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