The Essential Qualities of Every Visionary Leader

“A young woman business leader draws out her vision on a whiteboard.”

What sets a visionary business leader apart? While business success is one quality that helps define an industry leader, success follows those who already embody the characteristics of a visionary.

Business leaders are poised to change the way the world works. They’re forward-facing managers, growth-minded individuals, and they’re always thinking about the future and how they can make their mark on it.

They’re Forward-Thinking

When a visionary sees an opportunity, they don’t just see the short-term gain. They see how they can seize on a chance to change things across an industry.

When inventor and disruptor Regan McGee saw how far-removed real estate agents’ jobs were from the commissions they’ve traditionally charged, he saw a whole new way of doing business. He founded Nobul, a dynamic digital marketplace that has since upended the way people find real estate agents, putting the power in consumers’ hands and challenging a stagnant industry.

That’s the kind of forward-thinking vision that true business leaders bring to the table.

They’re Creative Problem Solvers

In a highly-competitive, dynamic environment, business leaders need creativity and imagination to find out-of-the-box solutions and challenge the status quo with bold new ideas. They need a far-ranging vision to create the kinds of products and services that can change their industries.

They’re Bold Risk-Takers

No one creates change when they’re afraid to take risks. Visionaries have toughness and determination that allows them to take on established ideas and policies that aren’t working. They resist pressures that work against their vision, but they’re never afraid of failure, either.

Success doesn’t always happen in one go. They know how to learn from their losses, adapt to new circumstances, and try again.

They Recognize Talent

Big picture leaders face their own unique challenges. Those who have a clear-eyed, big-picture vision of their goals and ambitions may miss the details. They may sacrifice the present for the sake of the future or miss out on other opportunities because they’re so focused on their singular goal.

That’s why even the most successful and ambitious visionaries need to surround themselves with an excellent team. Visionary leaders have a knack for picking out the people who will both support and challenge them.

They’re Great Communicators

Leaders aren’t just responsible for themselves. They have to bring a team together and get them to coalesce around a singular vision, and that’s a task that takes great communication skills. They need to make sure everyone both understands and believes in the vision. It also helps them invite everyone into the creative process and create a more collaborative team.

They Have Emotional Intelligence

An innovative idea is hard to come by, but visionary leaders aren’t just innovators. They’re also great managers, and that’s a task that requires an element of emotional intelligence. They know how to bring people on board, get them excited about a project, and keep them motivated, optimistic, and performing at their absolute best.

Emotional intelligence is a soft skill, but one that helps others on the team see their role in the greater vision and how their contributions are essential and appreciated.

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