Technologies That Will Lead Marketing Into the Future

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As a marketer, you have probably studied at great length the evolution of the Internet as we know it today. In the very early days of Web 1.0, there was little connectivity and so all web pages were simply there. Search engines like we know them today weren’t able to access much until SEO and algorithms came along with Web 2.0. This is where we currently stand with Internet connectivity but according to all indications, we are quickly moving into what is being called the metaverse of Web 3.0 and the amazing ways in which the current hierarchical nature of the Internet will be a thing of the past. This leads us to the very first technology that will lead marketing into the future, and that would be decentralization.

A Web3 marketing agency will be the key to marketing technologies going forward into the future. Some marketing agencies are already using Web 3.0 technology which is, to put it simply, based on blockchain technology and AI along with VR and AR of the metaverse. It sounds a bit complicated, but if you are familiar with cryptocurrency, NFTs, and other digital assets, you are a step ahead of what is coming to marketing within the next few years.

It’s an amazing bit of technology in that everything posted will be backed up in enough alternative locations so that information won’t be lost. No one server will hold it all. In terms of marketing, everything from customer databases to marketing campaigns will not be as susceptible to loss. But that’s just the beginning of what decentralization means. It also means that the big networks and media will not be making all the rules. Any information you post is owned by you and backed up in those servers mentioned above.

AI and the Collection of Customer Data

Although there is nothing really new about Artificial Intelligence, as it is used to predict customer behavior based on the collection of data, Web 3.0 will bring whole new levels to how this is accomplished. Bear in mind that information will be stored on various servers around the globe, so AI will be used to gather that information to create 360° customer profiles.

The Creation of 360° Customer Profiles

This is where marketing will truly benefit from advances in technology. As it stands, one thing that has been plaguing marketers in our current environment is that customer data is not stored in one department within a business. Information pertinent to finances is in one department while buying habits would be in another. With the advantages of being able to create 360° customer profiles, AI will gather that data, store it on a central server, then back it up in other locations so that it will never be totally lost to nefarious attacks.

This is just a basic overview of what marketing will look like in the very near future. However, having the ability to gather and create complete consumer profiles along with the decentralization of the Internet as we know it will give marketers advantages they simply don’t have today. Customers and businesses alike will benefit because it will be easier to match products, services, and information to individual consumers rather than to a broad market base. The metaverse has finally arrived!

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