Steps to Take if you aren’t Satisfied with your Internet Service Provider

Steps to Take if you aren’t Satisfied with your Internet Service Provider

Gone are the days when surfing the internet was a luxury. Presently, we need the internet to carry out business activities, connect with friends and family, and entertain ourselves. 

According to data from Statistica, about 86.5%[1] of Australians actively use the internet. It is expected that 90% of Australians will be using the internet in 2025. 

Since we all use the internet, it makes sense to find a good provider that can help us have a pleasant experience while using the web. 

But finding a provider that can deliver in every category is by no means easy. Presently, many Australians are stuck with internet providers that do not deliver what they promised. They have to deal with slow internet speed, cutthroat bills, and regular outages. 

If you are in this boat, this article is for you. Read on to learn a few things you should do if you aren’t satisfied with your internet service provider in Australia. 

Contact your internet provider

The first thing that may come to your mind when you aren’t getting the speed promised or are experiencing a serious issue is to change your provider. 

This may seem like a smart move, but it is not. You see, you may be required to pay some fees for stopping your subscription. 

A better option is to contact your provider and make a complaint. If you aren’t getting the internet speed they promised, you should make it clear to your providers that you consider that a breach of contract. 

To make a solid case, you need to have proof. So if for example, you have been experiencing interruptions, you should prepare a log of the interruption and the length of time it interrupted. 

Before moving forward, you should give your provider some time to look at your complaint and find a lasting solution. Two weeks should be enough. 

Check if the problem is from your end

Many of the leading Internet providers Australia has to offer have a long track record of excellent service. So if you aren’t getting the speed they promised or experiencing regular interruption, you should check if the problem is coming from your end. 

Inspect your home set and your hardware to ensure that everything is set up properly. If you aren’t tech-savvy, you should seek the help of an expert. 

However, if after careful inspection, you find out that the issue isn’t from your end, you should take further action. 

Making a formal complaint 

If you don’t get a favorable response after calling and writing to your service provider, you should consider making a formal complaint. 

Be sure to keep a record of the written, and if possible verbal communication you have until this point. 

Going the extra mile 

If, after much back and forth, you still don’t get a good response or your issue isn’t resolved, you should consider contacting the TIO[2] (Telecommunications Industry Ombudsman). 

The TIO is independent of the government and even consumer organizations. They are dedicated to helping customers resolve issues with their providers.   

Final note 

Truth be told, even some of the top internet providers Australia has to offer sometimes disappoint in some categories. 

Following the tips discussed in this article, we go a long way in ensuring that your issues are resolved when this happens. Be sure to leverage bodies like the TIO if you didn’t get a favorable response. 

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