Starting a Courier Business: 3 Tips for Getting Started

courier businessWith the UK labour market increasingly volatile, it appears as though graduates are keen on entering the challenging world of entrepreneurship. As potential careers in banking, law and consultancy are no longer as viable, lucrative or readily available as they once were, graduates with an understanding of their innate skills and value are ready to take the plunge and shape their own professional destiny. While your choice of business start-up will depend entirely on your qualifications and creative vision, however, it may be worth establishing a simple model while you continue to learn.

3 Tips for Establishing yourself as a Courier

Setting up as an independent courier provides a relevant case in point, as although there are several moving parts to this business it can be supported by a relatively simple infrastructure. Consider the following steps towards establishing a new courier venture: –

 Invest in a Reliable and Low Cost Vehicle

Start-up costs are often a huge consideration for business owners, as they may be required to invest heavily in the venture before they have a viable source of income. Becoming a courier can help to negate these costs, however, as it requires a lower initial investment and offers an opportunity for entrepreneurs to begin trading quickly. By using a reputable online market such as the Exchange and Mart, for example, you can identify a reliable and low cost van that fulfils the exact requirements of your business. You are then almost ready to start earning money, after a brief promotional campaign and the refinement of your business plan.

 Create a Clearly defined Service and Target Audience

Once you have one or a fleet of vans, the next step is to refine your service and target a precise consumer demographic. As a starting point, you should consider whether to serve businesses or consumers directly, with the former providing the easiest and most seamless entry into the marketplace. You can then establish the terms and limitations of your service, including types of packages that you will courier and the price point for each. These decisions will provide the outline of your business plan, and once this has been confirmed you can drill deeper into the details and target a specific type of consumer.

 Embrace the benefits of Word of Mouth Marketing

Marketing is crucial to promoting your service and creating an entire brand around your business, This is an important consideration for business of all sizes, even those that are committed to operating within their local area and fixed geographical boundaries. This does not mean that you have to invest huge amounts of money in a creative and strategic marketing campaign; however, as word of mouth advertising is arguably the most effective form of promotion for small business owners. By delivering a high quality service and exceeding customer expectations, you can develop your businesses reputation organically and achieve long-term success.

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  1. Jake White says

    My brother just started a courier business, and he really wants me to get involved in it with him. I am just a little unsure at the moment if it would be a smart move on my part to partner up with him in that industry. These suggestions make a lot of sense, and it would be smart for me to take the second tip to clearly define the target audience in order to see if our area would present the right type of customers for us. Thanks for sharing this information with me!

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