Sip Trunking: What Is It and Why Will Your Office Benefit from It?

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Women working.

SIP trunking is a massive innovation in the VOIP world. It has a lot of advantages, and has become a great alternative to hosted services. When your office setup needs a reliable upgrade, SIP trunking should be at the top of the list.

What is SIP Trunking?

SIP Trunking is the best way to operate your phone service through an internet connection. For a business that deals with heavy call volume, SIP (short initiation protocol) is the premiere way to handle end-to-end communication through chat, video or voice. If you are already familiar with VOIP, think of SIP trunking as its evolved state. Multiple companies are already transitioning from older PBX systems, and here is why.

Cost Savings

One of the scariest moments of the month is when the monthly phone bill comes in. For a business that takes a lot of calls, this amount can be unpredictable. Having a predictable monthly bill is essential for a business that wants to keep the lights on. SIP trunking eliminates most of the costs with phone bills by using the internet to handle calls. Expensive traditional lines aren’t needed, and international and long-distance calls are handled as local calls. And depending on the service, you can choose a plan that simplifies the entire bill down to a per-user recurring rate.


Heavy call volumes have a strong dependence on reliability. Over the years, internet reliability has surpassed uptime goals in several industries. The improved network infrastructure has made services much more palatable for a 9-5 business. On top of these improvements, SIP trunking has redundancy for system failures and power outages. As long as SIP trunking is involved, business continuity will be a real thing.


SIP trunking is not quantity over quality. Some of the most common VOIP problems are dropped calls, echoes, and audio degradation. As long as you have a top tier internet provider, SIP trunking will handle the rest. It will always make sure that there is enough bandwidth to counteract the most common VOIP issues. Even during peak hours, the system will not get overloaded if your internet provider can keep up.

Local Benefits

The local presence of SIP trunking should not be overlooked. You can use local area codes to set up your company’s phone numbers. That means no reliance on generic toll-free numbers, or other ‘hacks’ that promote a local presence. Even if it is a small difference, customers are more likely to call into a local number.

Valuable Return on Investment

Companies that used PBX phone systems from the ground up had no guarantee or a timetable of the ROI. Businesses take a long time to break even, and an even longer time to make a profit. There is no upfront risk with SIP trunking services! You get an instant ROI without destroying the financial integrity of your company. SIP trunking is no risk, yet all of the rewards.

Give Your System a Purpose

Take advantage of a fast internet connection by pairing it with a SIP trunking provider. Business voice services require the best software for success. The VOIP industry is growing, so keep the best technology for the job at your side.

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