Should You Hire An Apprentice For Your Business?

It’s without a doubt that apprenticeships can be pretty advantageous to young people and school leavers. However, from an employer’s perspective, it can be challenging to see how hiring an apprentice could help their business.  

In this article, you’ll learn the basics of apprenticeships and why you should consider hiring one for your business–whether via third-party services like Trade Jobs, among others, or developing your apprenticeship program.  

What Is Apprenticeship?

Apprenticeship refers to preparing a new generation of practitioners or a profession or trade with on-the-job training. Often, apprenticeships combine hands-on training with classroom learning. An apprenticeship can also allow practitioners to gain a license or certification to practice in regulated occupations such as electricians and plumbing. 

How Long Does It Last?

The duration of apprenticeships can vary depending on the industry, profession, and specific program. It can be as short as a few months or can last up to six years to complete and receive the necessary certifications. 

Should You Hire an Apprentice?

Apprenticeships are a growing trend in the business industry. However, as a small business owner considering the move for the first time, you may need clarification on whether it will work for your business. Regardless of your doubts, there are proven benefits to why you should take in apprentices. Read on! 

1) It Is Cost-Effective

Hiring an apprentice is a cost-effective way to get a new skill in your team. In general, the salary of an apprentice is significantly less than regular employees. You still need to pay an apprentice’s minimum wage and other benefits by law. This figure is much less than full-time employees, which helps save your business on cost.  

It can be particularly beneficial for small start-up businesses since they can train apprentices to a good standard without too much cost.  

What’s more, some governments offer grants and funding for businesses to cover the costs of hiring an apprentice. Depending on your business’s eligibility and size, most governments will cover the full or partial cost of the apprenticeship program. It helps you get more talent and upskill your team on a budget.  

2) It Boosts Productivity 

As newbies in the industry, apprentices are eager to learn. They can be pretty enthusiastic about the qualifications and practice they’ve chosen.  

Supporting their enthusiasm and growth will ultimately keep your business during hectic times and boosts productivity. You get extra help when things get tough, applying the valuable skills they’ve gained throughout the training.

3) It Allows You to Develop Skills Tailored to Your Business

As a business owner, you know what talents and skills you need to grow your company. While you can hire a full-time team member for any skill gaps in your business, opting for an apprenticeship can help you pick an individual you can train in that specific area from day one. 

Training someone from the beginning means you can shape them to fit your business needs and develop skills relevant to your organization. With a tailored skillset, apprentices can work to your business objectives and requirements. Then, you can absorb them to work in your company once they have completed their practice.   

4) It Promotes Loyalty 

Taking in an apprentice is a great way to support people with less experience in the industry. It helps promote loyalty and camaraderie, which reduces team member turnover. 

Statistics show that upon completion, over 90% of apprentices stay with the same company if given the opportunity. It can benefit the business since it means that the efforts and money invested in an apprentice remain within the company while saving them the hassle of recruiting a replacement.  

5) It Helps Diversify Your Team

If you decide to get an apprentice for your business, you can access a whole set of new perspectives and skills. 

In general, apprentices tend to be younger, which means they may be more familiar with new technologies or have a fresher perspective on certain business factors and processes. Even if they’re older, they can have a wealth of relevant experience and skills to offer your business. 

Regardless, an apprenticeship program can help you expand and diversify your business to gain a more innovative perspective within your team.


As you can see, apprenticeships are a win-win situation for everyone. It can provide students and young job seekers the chance to learn real-life skills while gaining qualifications and earning; businesses can also reap significant benefits that justify the decision to hire one. That is from reducing costs to obtaining a loyal and skilled member of their workforce.