Real Estate In The Digital Age; A Marketing Guide

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Social media and digital technology have provided real estate agencies with invaluable tools to make their companies more efficient and connect with their audiences better. If your company is anything like Chance Realty it can be difficult to navigate this world. While companies have flocked to Facebook, Instagram, and developing their websites, often they have mismanaged their tools and aren’t bringing in the desired traffic. 

Consider this guide to the digital age and how your company can take advantage of the booming market by using social media to market as Chance Realty did. 

What You Need

There are several major factors that will keep the continuous flow of traffic to your office and later to your homes. Some are more important than others but together they work the whole picture.

These digital aspects are:

  • A Website
  • Instagram (Personal + Portfolio)
  • Facebook Landing Page
  • E-letters

These four categories serve a purpose for every client and also serve a great purpose for you. These tools are necessary now more than ever during the pandemic but can be great for afterward as well. 


Having a website where users can go, to find more information after discovering your agency through organic Google searches is critical. Your website should also be linked in your bio’s of your Instagram pages and Facebook Landing Page. The website will offer critical information that answers the main questions. 

Why am I searching for a real estate agency? (Listings)

What is this real estate agency about? (Bio)

Will they be able to help me? (Portfolio)

What can they offer? (Services) 

These questions are the main reasons a potential client is coming to your website. The parentheses highlight the areas you need to have listed on your website. 

There is another element that needs to be taken care of with your website. That is showing your companies brand identity through careful and thoughtful design. Your real estate agency’s brand identity will let a potential client know what your company is about visually and through the description. 

Regardless of your niche and brand identity, a website should always be clean and easy to navigate so that you don’t lose the client there. 


Taking advantage of Instagram and its ability to display your character and brand is a must. With Instagram tools like going “live,” you can give intimate experiences to your clients like virtual tours and showing them the behind-the-scenes work. This not only brings credibility to the work you are doing but also allows customers to dip their toes in before committing to a relationship with your company. 

As an individual, you may consider having your personal Instagram being separate then your work Instagram. Here’s why. 


Your personal Instagram can be a non-advertising way to allow potential clients into your life. Now, professionalism still needs to be shown but allowing them to see your family, dog, or parts of your vacation will make an agent feel relatable and down-to-earth. 

If you are catering to a luxury real estate clientele, then your Instagram should show (in a non-fake way) interests that align with yours. If you know their favorite restaurants, be there and take photos with the food. This will give you something to bond over. 


This should be linked somewhere on your personal page. This will allow people to go from seeing what you are up to, to seeing what you are selling. This should have a simple yet artistic feel to it, showing off the homes that your agency has. 

Not every picture has to be of the homes. They can be pictures of things inside homes like beautiful coaches and lamps etc. The page should give off an inviting vibe that makes the user want what they’re seeing. When they discover this, they’ll want to know who can get it for them, and that’s you!

Facebook Landing Page

A Facebook Landing Page is a little less intimate than Instagram but still incredibly useful. There are the pages that serve more as known advertisements. These are important to have because often towns and cities will have several Facebook groups that have the members you are looking to get in touch with.

In these scenarios, you can straight up advertise by posting from this business page. However, if you want to present a more friendly marketing approach, participating in group conversations and community events by writing in can be a great way to bring customers in. 

Your Facebook Landing Page should have a preview feel of your website and Instagram. Not everything needs to be out there. Just contact information and some pictures/videos and links to other accounts where the user can learn more. 


Email newsletters are a fantastic way to get in touch with large groups of people in a quick amount of time. However, while this is very convenient it can also come across as you don’t care and general. 

The best you can do in this situation is create a couple of different e-letters that cater to groups of people that can be e categorized together. This means that if you have an event going on for young affluent clientele, make an e-letter that is going to resonate with them.

Or you could have a few people interested in the same types of properties. You could send bi-weekly e-letters with newly available properties for them.

Knowing when to connect is the most important thing. Too soon or too late can cost a client and that’s why e-letters are a great way to check-in and get the ball rolling again. 

Take It In Strides

Chance Realty didn’t start out with everything together at once. It takes time to build a website up properly along with an SEO campaign that works harmoniously. To go a step further, your pages need to change with the times while keeping the core values and brand identity. 

The most important thing you can do is start your webpage. Then you can work on social media pages. Arguably, the webpage may take the longest to get together because of its complexity. But this is an investment well worth it. 

Once you have the social media pages aligned these are going to be what you are updating the most. This is where clients are looking for day-to-day content. 

Take it in strides and start building your social media marketing strategy today!

Mack Dudayev

Mack Dudayev is the co-founder of Chance Realty LLC. After perfecting his business growth strategies in his first company, he decided to turn his sights on the real estate world, using all of his digital marketing tricks to grow his agency.