Promotion Online: 5 Working and Effective Methods in 2021

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Online promotion and Internet marketing are the basis for effective consumer engagement, full competition, and profit growth. It is an important part of existence for all companies – from small to large, from companies engaged in creating free online casino slot games to the world’s corporations for the production of technology.

Proper website promotion is one of the key components. The only question is what methods you use.


This method helps to improve the position of the site on the target requests in search results in Google, Bing, and others.

  • Advantages: a stable stream of customers in the long term and the growth of audience loyalty.
  • Disadvantages: the output at the top of search results requires a fairly substantial investment and tangible results can be expected only after 4-6 months.


SMM promotion (or social media marketing) is the attraction of a target audience from popular social networks: Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, TikTok, and others. About 95% of people between the ages of 18 and 34 say they feel most comfortable following and interacting with a brand through social networks. And regular posting allows you to keep your audience’s attention constantly.

  • Advantages: direct interaction with the target audience, constant contact, and convenient feedback for both sides.
  • Disadvantages: Not all social networks offer comprehensive analytics, such as Google Analytics. It is more difficult to analyze the actions of subscribers and evaluate the effectiveness of the promotion.

Contextual Advertising

Contextual advertising – text, graphics, and video ads, which are shown to users according to their search queries. Primarily in search engine results. Plus on various sites, blogs, apps, etc.

  • Advantages: The ability to quickly launch an advertising campaign and get a stream of customers as soon as the day of launch.
  • Disadvantages: as soon as the advertising campaign ends, the flow of the target audience stops. Contextual advertising works worse for the future.

Media Advertising

This is usually the placement of a graphic banner ad on popular thematic or per thematic sites. The method is suitable for the promotion of a web resource, informing about current discounts and promotions.

  • Advantages: wide coverage of the target audience, as well as a fast payback (in most cases).
  • Disadvantages: placement on popular sites can be very expensive. And a mistake in choosing a resource is fraught with serious financial losses.

Email Marketing

Email marketing allows you to deliver information to thousands of users in just a few seconds. If you have a collected database of email addresses of your target audience, of course.

  • Advantages: low cost, high speed of mailing, ability to segment your target audience and personalize your emails.
  • Disadvantages: mass mailings are very often spammed, so recipients simply do not see them.

Important to Know: “Black” Promotion Methods

Do not use them! Yes, the so-called black methods sometimes allow you to achieve fast results. But even more likely your site will fall under search engine filters and will forever fall out of extradition.

The “black” methods include:

  • Cloaking;
  • The creation of Doorway pages and Link farm;
  • Over-spamming with keywords;
  • Spooling of behavioral factors and so on.

In the early 2000s, hapless SEO specialists often resorted to “black” and “gray” promotion methods, showing clients significant results and getting quick money. But now it’s a road to nowhere. It is practically unrealistic to get the site out from under search filters.

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