Powerful Ways Entrepreneurs Can Give Back to Their Communities

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Author: Larry “Coop” D. Veal, author, social entrepreneur, youth advocate, professional comedian and founder of Be More Positive

Sometimes the things that shape us inspire us to give back. In my past life, I had issues with other gang members and got kicked out of school. I prayed that if God helped me leave those issues behind me, I would use my life to help other kids going through the same experience. I worked as a Juvenile Probation Officer in Fulton County, Georgia where I saw many of the young men I served get arrested, including my younger brother. I knew I needed to use my life to positively impact high-risk youth and help them find a brighter future for themselves instead of violence and other criminal acts.

That’s why I created Be More Positive. We provide services and resources for children, parents, educators, leaders and more that promote anger-management, conflict resolution, and strong mental health.

While giving back to others is a part of my job, some entrepreneurs have to go the extra mile to give back to their community outside of what their work is focused on. Donating what financial resources we have is the most common way we give back to a community, but being actively involved in your community is something that can benefit others for their entire lives. Entrepreneurs play a key role in their communities by contributing to the local economy but here are a few inspiring ways they can consider giving back to their neighborhood:

Serve as a Mentor

Being present in someone’s life can make an absolute difference. Whether you are connecting on a personal or professional level, you can be a safe space where someone can freely share their thoughts, ideas and feelings. You can help someone grow into the best version of themselves.

Provide your Services

When we think of businesses donating to their community, our mind may immediately jump to food vendors donating to events like fundraisers. Even if you don’t have a consumable service, you can give back in a way that makes sense for you and your business. Offer community workshops on what you’re skilled in. Provide a discounted consultation for a community project.

Offer Connections

We may not always be the best solution to what our community needs, but we may know someone in our network who could be. If you know someone who can help your community with a specific issue, reach out to a local leader and offer to connect them with your contact.

Create a Space Where People Can Gather

Maybe you’re not available regularly to directly engage with others, but you can help create a space where those connections can happen. If you have a space where people can meet and interact with one another, consider hosting them.

Most Importantly, Listen

Listening to what our community needs is crucial. We can come up with strategies of how we’re going to give back to our community — but if it’s ignoring the actual needs of the community, we’re not listening and providing what they need. Talk to your community members and leaders. See what is genuinely needed in your community, and create a way to give back that will help address that need.

These are just a few ways you can pay it forward to your community. Don’t hesitate to share your passion with others – it can uplift individuals and inspire positive change.

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