Other Occasions to Reuse Your Bridesmaid Robes For

The best wedding gifts are the most practical and long-lasting ones, which is why jewelry and bridesmaid robes are usually the topmost gift choices among brides. Quality bridesmaid robes, in particular, are something that recipients can wear not just during the wedding day but on many other occasions as well, and they can last for years if handled the right way.

If you have received a bridesmaid robe gift, be sure to check the kind of fabric it is made of and the washing care instructions. They are usually found in labels or tags. Aside from being able to reuse the item, you will want to take care of something that is given to you with sentimental value, even after the wedding. All the more you need to take care of your robe when it is made of silk satin or pure silk, which are some of the most expensive fabrics there are.

After the wedding, follow its special washing care requirements, and of course, don’t let it get dusty in your closet. You never know when they will come in handy, or if you are simply fond of wearing leisurely clothing when at home. Here are some other ways you can use your robes after the wedding:

On the Beach or Pool

Swim cover-up robes are a thing these days, and beach robes are not an appealing option as they are bulkier and warmer, which could just make you feel uncomfortable in hot weather. Bathrobes are usually designed to be worn at home. There are specific beach robes for this occasion, which are almost always made of lighter and light-colored fabrics.

And if yours is of lighter color or are either silk or satin robes for women, then you just got yourself a beach robe too. You will not have to spend some bucks anymore for the outerwear of your bikini or swimsuit yet show out with all style and elegance. Silk satin or pure silk fabrics have thermoregulating properties that make them easily adaptive to any kind of weather.

Silk fibers give off warmth during cold temperatures and a cooling effect in hotter weather. They don’t absorb moisture too, so when you sweat at the pool or beach, the fabric will just wick your sweat away. Synthetic satins may lack this quality, but even if you received one, it’s still a prize as they are designed to be elastic and for you to easily move.

Also, you are a lot more active in pools and beaches. Bridesmaid robes for women are usually made at the right length, and never too long, unlike bathrobes, so they could be a great alternative to beach robes. The length doesn’t get in the way of your movements. They are easy to remove when you finally head onto the water and swim.

If your robe is made of silk satin or all-natural silk, which are both made from silk, it’s all the better. Silk fibers have the element that resists dirt, sand, dust, and other debris, so they are usually not easy to get soiled. Plus, its lustrous shine and opulent look will definitely make you look great in your social media posts.

At the Spa

While you don’t have to bring your robe at the spa, as well as slippers and towels, as they will have already offered you these once you get in there, it doesn’t hurt to bring the robe that you are really most comfortable in. Or at least you got a robe to change into when the robe they offer you gets dirty.

But in the first place, you visit the spa to relax and cool down. If you have the most comfortable silk robe, then why not wear them on your spa treatment for added comfort? After a very stressful week, you deserve to treat yourself in your style. 

Or if you decide to throw a spa day at your own home, it’s the perfect time to get your robe out of the closet. In your most comfortable state wearing an elegant satin robe, you can go all-out applying your face mask, painting your nails, and leisurely lounging on your couch.

In the Hotel

If you travel a lot for business or work purposes, it’s best to bring at least one familiar, comfortable item with you, and nothing is better than your satin or silk robe. Instead of lounging around in the bathrobe that hotels provide, use yours instead. After a busy day, wear your robe as you do your nighttime routine or watch TV before you hop off to bed for sleep.

At Home

If you are fond of wearing your most comfortable clothing while looking good, especially when you come across the mirror, there’s no reason to get your robes dusty and all. There are so many reasons you should be using your silk or satin robe at home. For one, silk robes can really be good inner garments during the winter as they have the capacity to provide an extra layer of warmth underneath your winter clothing.

And since bridesmaid robes are designed to be easily removable, you can wear yours when you are still choosing your outfit for the day. The comfort it gives off can definitely put you in a good mood first thing in the morning. Even when you are doing your hair and makeup, put on your robe too. Robes made of satin silk and silk fabrics are dirt-resistant, so you don’t have to worry about makeup debris falling into your clothing.

Doing your nighttime skincare routine is best done with silk clothing too as silk fabric resists moisture. They will not absorb anything you put on your hands or body. This is exactly the reason why the most recommended fabric for pillowcases is those made of silk. They don’t rob off your skincare applications and are always gentle to the skin.

Or even when it’s just your lazy day at home, drinking your coffee, eating your breakfast, and anything you usually do on your R and Rs, hit it off with your most comfortable satin robe. Jeans and shirts can really feel hot at times. And when you have guests sleeping overnight at home, you can rock off the morning showing up to others with your elegant robe.

Silk or satin bridesmaid robes are really a valuable gift. Use and keep them lustrous and beautiful by following their respective washing care instructions. Unlike other fabrics, they need special care and milder treatment. If you know of other ways you can use a bridesmaid robe after a wedding, share your thoughts below.

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