New Tech Trends In The World Of Online Horse Race Betting

New Tech Trends In The World Of Online Horse Race Betting

Horse racing is one of the most iconic and historic sports across the globe, with millions wagered on the action throughout the season. The long-term future of the sport has been assured in recent decades due to the continued growth within the betting sector when it comes to wagering on the action taking place on track.

Betting on the sport remains hugely popular in this modern day, with some of the biggest events on the schedule enticing newcomers to wager on the action in the hope of finding winners in races such as the Grand National and Kentucky Derby.

One of the best sportsbooks available to sign up for is, which covers all the most popular racing action from across the globe. But, what are some of the tech trends that have helped the sport remain as relevant as ever in this modern era?

Growth Of Mobile Apps

One of the most important factors that all bettors consider before making a wager online is whether the sportsbook that they are looking to register with has an app. Apps have been one of the key factors behind the continued success of the sector, with the vast majority of racing fans now preferring to bet on their mobile devices as opposed to on track.

Online apps enable bets to be made on racing action across the globe within seconds. Players are able to deposit funds to their account, select the horse that they wish to bet on, and make their bet within minutes. This accessibility ensures that racing has remained among the most popular sports in the world, as bettors haven’t needed to leave the comfort of their own home to make their selections.

Online Betting Services

The features that can be found when betting on horse racing ensure that the sport has been able to maintain the popularity levels, as well as attract new fans to the sport. Leading online sportsbooks now enable bettors to watch the latest live action on their phones and desktop computers, while additional features such as cash out and bet boosts are something that can’t be taken advantage of when betting on track.

Real time live racing viewership is a major plus for racing fans when it comes to betting online, as it ensures that fans are able to watch how their runner performs on track, and can cheer on their selection as the line approaches.

In-Play Betting

One of the biggest changes that has been implemented when it comes to betting on horse racing following developments made in technology is the ability to bet in-play when races have started. This never used to be the case, as bets would need to be made before the starting flag was dropped, meaning that a selection could have cost their chance of victory after a slow start out of the gates.

However, experienced bettors now take up the option to bet in-play, which reduces the risk of losing their wager before the race has really got started. In-play betting is most popular when it comes to wagering on jumps racing, as the prices will change throughout a race over three miles. However, it has also become a prominent betting selection among flat gamblers, especially in races such as the Kentucky Derby, which are staged over an extended distance.

Safer Payments

Feeling safe online is often the biggest concern that millions have in this modern era, with scammers typically looking to gain the important information of people. However, betting companies do an excellent job of ensuring that their customers feel safe when making wagers online, as all payments are securely processed with the use of SSL encryption.

This ensures that the sensitive information such as banking information and names of customers is safely out of reach of hackers. Customers can also safely withdraw funds from their betting accounts with a wider variety of methods than ever before, with sportsbooks moving with the times and offering methods such as Crypto.

Virtual Reality Advancements

One of the most significant changes to the betting industry over the coming years could come in the form of the inclusion of virtual reality technology. This tech is already used within online casinos, offering players a real life experience when playing their favourite games.

However, it is also set to be included in horse racing over the coming years, and it could offer bettors a similar experience as to what they would expect when attending an actual race meet. This could see bettors get up close and personal with their runners in the parade ring before the start of the race, before then giving them the chance to ride aboard their selection to follow the progress of their race while its in-play. Virtual reality could be one of the big game changers within the sport over the coming years.