Mobile Faxing: Keeping Documents Private and Secure

Keeping Documents Private and Secure

Did you know that the fax machine was invented by a Scottish inventor, Alexander Bain, when he patented in 1843, a design for an electric telegraph transmitting images over wires? In fact, in Japan, fax machines are still used routinely by corporations and in 40-50% of Japanese households. 

Even though you might think that the fax machine is dead, that is not so. It’s only changed its form slightly into mobile faxing! If you would like to learn more about how you can use mobile faxing and keep your documents safe and secure, keep reading.

File Security Improved with HIPAA Compliant Mobile Faxing Softwares

If you are in the medical, legal, or government field, security features in mobile faxing are going to be imperative for you. There’s no way you would be comfortable sending important, confidential, and private documents using mobile faxing if you aren’t guaranteed somehow of the security features. 

That’s why a lot of internet fax products will include the following security features:

  • SSL encryption
  • Password protection
  • Secure log-in prompts and two-factor authentication for extra security
  • HITECH and HIPAA compliance

The first three are usually default options on all internet faxing products, and the last one can be an add-on if you work in the medical, legal, or government field where security is especially paramount.

Ability to Send Secure Faxes Even When Not Next to a Fax Machine

In the past, you would have been surrounded by fax machines with every office boasting at least half of a dozen of them. But nowadays, they are as rare as a blue-footed booby. 

This doesn’t mean that the necessity of sending large confidential documents has diminished in any way. That’s why mobile faxing is so important in the modern professional world. With internet faxing products, you can send large documents in a matter of seconds, as they compress large files so they don’t clog up the recipient’s inbox and the internet lines. 

Also, you will get confirmation emails every time your fax is sent, ensuring you that your document isn’t lost in cyberspace somewhere. You also don’t have to bug the recipient to ask them whether they received the document or not.

This is done by automatically digitizing documents, which means that you are using less paper, being environmentally friendly, and saving on office space.

Finally, a lot of mobile faxing products will have the capability to integrate with a cloud drive that you are already using, like Google Drive, Dropbox, or Evernote. This means if the need comes up, you can even send a fax using your phone!

Search for ‘fax near me‘ to find a service that allows you to pay per fax sent. No need for a monthly subscription. 

Mobile Faxing Comes with Great Customer Support As Well

Many mobile faxing vendors know how important security and privacy are in the modern corporate world. That’s why they also always include great customer support in their qualifications. 

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