Why the Loss of a Car Shouldn’t Damage Your Business

0dde0c54f50541e09fbcb0a1c539db8eWhile British business may be leading the way in terms of growth and expansion, experts are warning that work still needs to be done if this is to be continued for a prolonged period of time. More specifically, there is a pressing need for UK firms to export more prolifically if it they are to achieve long-term growth, with the British Chambers of Commerce (BCC) having halved its forecast for export growth in goods and service to just 0.8% earlier this year.

Businesses tend to me concerned with their own individual growth and prospects, however, and the daily issues that impact on productivity and limit their profit margins. Take the loss of a company vehicle, for example, which can impact on your ability to meet with clients, fulfil deliveries or meet pertinent deadlines. While this can be damaging, however, there are at least innovative and proactive steps that you can take to protect your businesses performance. 

Insuring and Operating an Affordable Temporary Car

There may be numerous reasons why your car becomes temporarily indisposed. In the event of an accident or collision, your initial response will be to hire a temporary vehicle for a predetermined period of time. Although this is relatively easy to do, however, difficulties can arise when you need to purchase insurance quickly and without being forced to take on sky-high premiums. Fortunately, temporary car insurance from Sky Insurance and similar service providers can help you to achieve these aims, without compromising on the time required to become mobile once again.

These solutions even apply in instances where you require temporary coverage on an existing, permanent car. This is because there are rolling, short-term insurance policies available for clients whose existing coverage has expired before they have had the opportunity to renew. Even if they have primarily agreed the terms of a new insurance policy, temporary coverage can be purchased as a way of bridging a one or two month period. Given that this coverage can be sourced, discussed and procured within an exceptionally expeditious period of time, the chances of your business being impacted negatively are incredibly minimal.

The Last Word

In many ways, the loss of a business vehicle could impact on your venture in the same way that a lack of exporting could hinder the wider economy. This need not be the case; however, there are a number of creative and temporary vehicle solutions available to proactive business owners. These solutions are also affordable, so entrepreneurs can continue to maximise their productivity without being forced to spend the earth.

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