It Starts With a Vision: A Beginners Guide to SEO


It is all very well understanding the basic concept of search engine optimization (SEO) and the fact that your aim is to try and work your way as high up the rankings as possible so that your details are returned on the first page of results. However, it is a different level altogether to know enough about the subject to be able to put together a viable SEO strategy.

Understanding what SEO is all about what link building is all about, for example, is essential if you are going to make the most of the opportunities available to promote your business.

From knowing why link building is so important to how to make the most of a guest post marketplace here is a go-to beginners guide to SEO.

Reaching a high position in search results

The ultimate aim of search engine optimization (SEO) is to arrange and formulate your web pages in the best way possible so that search engines like Google are able to find you put you in a prominent position when returning search results.

There are a lot of factors that need to come together to get you high in the rankings. Google uses a complex algorithm and how it works is a closely guarded secret, but there are ranking factors that are influential when it comes to moving you up the rankings.

The structure of your website, how quickly it loads, and the quality of your content, are determining factors that contribute to how high you rank in the search engine results.

Link building gets you noticed

What is link building? It is an essential ingredient of SEO and when you write a post for your website the only way a search engine is going to find the content is when there is at least one link to it.

The basics are that Google needs links from other websites in order to be able to find your content. ( A link is a connection between two pages on the internet) It is a relatively simple equation in that it usually follows that the more links you can obtain the better it will be from a visibility point of view.

However, you need to be aware that quality trumps quantity. The quality of your links makes a big difference to your SEO efforts and some low-quality links can actually have a negative impact on your ranking.

Site structure

When you are putting your website together and creating content it is highly relevant to focus your attention on site structure from day one.

The structure of your website is really important because it is the roadmap that tells Google which pages are most important. Understanding this aspect of your design allows you to use site structure to influence which content will rank highest.

Google crawls websites for content and your job is to make it easy for it to interpret the information and understand the relationship between pages and what you are selling.

It is always a good idea to consider getting professional help when it comes to making the most of the opportunities that exist through the use of SEO. Get it right and you will enjoy a prominent position in search engine results and traffic will increase as a result of this increased visibility.

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