Internet Casinos and Taxes in Poland

Whenever it’s time to file for income tax returns a lot of people find it hard because of the huge amount they need to pay. And considering the fact that almost all the people and businesses in Poland are required to pay taxes. Even casino owners and gamblers need to pay their taxes. Every online casino and gambler is required to submit their income tax returns form before the deadline to avoid paying hefty fines.

Only Polish gamblers who gamble on licensed online casinos are required to pay taxes. According to Jacek Michalski here, as an expert in guest post topics, gamblers who play in offshore casinos don’t need to file for income tax returns or pay any form of taxes.

The Rule of Online Gambling Tax in Poland

The Poland tax rules affect both online and land-based casinos. However, the rule is still unclear as there have been a series of changes in the Poland gambling rules this year. For online casinos and gamblers in Poland, there are several requirements to fulfill during gambling taxation. 

For example, according to the Polish law that regulates income tax in Poland, all winnings from any casino game such as poker, roulette, baccarat, blackjack online, and other games must be taxed at certain casino tax rates. The rule applies to all winnings from both online and land-based casinos in Poland, regardless of the income generated by the individual. 

Most online casinos might deduct the tax immediately without the player having to file for a tax income return concerning their gambling activities later. This method makes things easy for players, as they will have no outstanding payment to worry about.

So, as a Polish gambler,  it’s important to make use of casinos that deduct tax at the source. Instead of the ones that offer you a full amount of winning, leaving you with the burden of struggling to pay it in the future. The casino winnings tax rate differs based on the state, so you make use of your state official rate in Poland. 

The GST for Online Gambling in Poland

Unlike other countries, the Poland government taxes all entertainment events in the country including casinos. So,  if you are asking how casinos pay taxes? You have to understand that casinos pay taxes based on the services they provide. And also the rate of payment can differ from each casino.

The GST known as value-added tax is mandatory to both online casinos and gamblers. Though the GST is often paid by the registered supplier of goods and services, it’s also affecting players who gamble in casinos. Take it like this, gamblers purchase the service of online casinos which makes them liable to pay GST.

Other Charges Related to Gambling in Poland

Apart from the universal percentage of tax fees charged to gamblers, there are also a few surcharges that take a little amount. In most cases, these surcharges are hard to notice,  as they can go lower than a dollar depending on the tax condition and income groups.

For example, winning a massive amount might lead you to pay a slightly increased amount in income taxes. The income tax rate of online gambling in Poland is bound to change at any time. And considering the fact that the Polish government is slightly amending the gambling laws, there’s likely to be a positive change in the future.


Whenever it’s time to file for income tax returns based on the purchases made from internet casinos, a lot of people find it hard because of the huge amount they need to pay. The tax payment amount of gamblers in Poland will likely differ from each other based on the online casino used.

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