Innovative Business Ideas: Appliance Repair Workshops

Innovative Business Ideas: Appliance Repair Workshops

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Fixing household appliances like stoves, washers, dryers, and dishwashers is a timeless service with constant demand. Numerous instructional courses exist to train individuals as appliance repair technicians, some requiring only a year for completion.

This presents a compelling case for launching an appliance repair business, especially considering current hourly rates ranging from $27 to $35.

If you’re interested in dabbling in this industry, now is the time to learn the appliance repair essentials. This post will guide you through the workshop setting process. We will also give tips on how to make your business flourish. But first, the basics.  

What’s an Appliance Repair Center?

An appliance repair center is a place that helps people with their household devices. The technicians at these centers can focus on one type of appliance, like refrigerators. Or they can do it all and offer services for multiple appliances. It’s really up to the business.

So, how does someone get started in this line of work?  

The first step is getting the proper training. Programs available will teach you everything you need to know about repairing appliances. This is a must since you must know your job in this field.

After the classroom, it’s all about getting experience in the real world. The training programs usually include hands-on learning. But beyond that, many technicians also find internships or assistant roles to expand their skills. Getting that practical experience is vast before opening your repair center.

With the proper education and experience, you’ll have the foundation to start your successful appliance repair business.

Later, we’ll review some tips to help you get customers in the door and keep them returning. This should give you a good overview of what’s involved on the business side.

How can you kickstart your appliance repair business?

Begin by laying out your financial and organizational strategy. You’ll need a spot to call your own. Carve out a dedicated workspace, even if it’s just a garage corner or basement. You want to avoid sorting tools and materials with the family car in the way. Plus, clients will appreciate seeing your little home base set up.

And think about upgrading your vehicle if you’re on the road a lot. A good van or truck can make all the difference. Make sure to fill it with everything you need. Include all the essential tools, supplies, and equipment.

Clients will feel more comfortable knowing you’re fully prepared when you roll up in a reliable set of wheels.

Opt for professional-grade tools. While they may come with a higher upfront cost, they’re built to last, enhancing customer trust and ultimately saving you money on replacements in the long term.

Acquire Used Appliances

Reach out to local neighbors and stores to pick up used appliances for free. If the sales staff will allow it, you can also provide your business card to pass out to customers buying new appliances, offering to pick up their old ones for free.

Repair and Rent Out Used Appliances

Take some old appliances — go through them carefully. Check everything, clean it up, and replace anything worn out. Get them looking as good as new.

Once they’re all fixed up, start offering them for rent. Many people would love a reliable appliance without paying the total price. Renting them out means more money coming in each month.

It’s a win-win, too. The appliances get used instead of sitting around, and you get an ongoing income stream. Plus, your customers have options for whether they need something temporary, are on a budget, or just need something for a little while.

Adding an appliance rental service is easy since you know the appliances inside and out. It lets you help more people while making more money in the long term.

Decide on Your Service Offering

First, you must decide what kind of appliances you’ll focus on. Having a specialization is the way to go. This way, you can hone your skills on those specific appliances.

Plus, potential customers will know what you’ve got experience with. Not only will specializing make you look more like an expert, but it’ll also help you stand out from other generalist repair shops.

Here are some key considerations and explanations for specializing in different appliance categories:

Home Laundry

Specializing in washers and dryers is a great idea because you become the local expert. People will know who to call when their washer isn’t spinning right or their dryer takes forever. Getting good at fixing those machines means customers can count on you to get their laundry going again efficiently.

It’s also a niche only a few others fill, so you’ll stand out as the reliable name they trust for any laundry appliance repairs. This could attract a steady stream of customers looking for quick solutions to keep their clothes clean.


Most households have at least one fridge and freezer. People always need help keeping their food cold and their medicine chilled. And in many cases, they can even save the customer money by fixing it instead of replacing it. Refrigeration repair is a service people rely on.

Also, partner with Original Equipment Manufacturers (OEM) since they offer high-quality spare parts that fit perfectly. Suppose you’re repairing a Kenmore refrigerator. In that case, choosing Sears Kenmore refrigerator parts from an OEM is best. These parts ensure optimal performance. Plus, the OEM offers a warranty.

Heating, Cooling, and Ventilation

You can provide complete solutions by focusing all your energy on HVAC systems. People will appreciate just calling one place for any issue with their AC or furnace. Not only does this make life easier for customers, but it means more repeat business and referrals for your company.

Specializing is the way to go these days. People respect experts who have years of experience fixing what they need. If you dive deep into HVAC/R, you’ll attract many happy customers looking for someone they can always count on.

Secure Your Licenses

Secure the necessary local and state business licenses, ensuring compliance with regulations (in some jurisdictions, service companies must be registered). Additionally, obtain liability insurance to provide sufficient coverage for your operations.

Widen Your Network

Foster strong relationships with parts suppliers to ensure timely access to necessary components, minimizing waiting periods for you and your customers. Before committing to a repair job, ascertain the availability of required parts.

For older or obsolete appliances, parts may be challenging to locate. During the initial phone consultation, inquire about the appliance’s make, model, and year to gauge the feasibility of obtaining parts.

In cases where the needed parts are unavailable, transparently communicate this to the customer before scheduling a service call. While this may result in short-term financial loss, the customer will value your honesty and enhance your reputation for future engagements.

Do You Need to Advertise?

Yes, you should consider advertising your appliance repair center and your services.  

Marketing is essential to any business. It is, after all, how you let others know what they offer. With stiff competition out there, it’s more important than ever.

Marketing is a spotlight for your appliance repair shop, letting customers know you’re there when their fridge or washing machine goes on the fritz. Without it, how would anyone find you when they need a good repair person in a hurry? You must get your name out there so customers think of you first.

Whether your business is newly established, long-standing, or highly successful, marketing remains indispensable in showcasing your offerings.

Innovative Business Ideas: Appliance Repair Workshops

Image by Blaz Erzetic on Unsplash

Know Your Industry Before Launching Your Business

Starting a business is risky because it doesn’t guarantee success. But all that means is you need to do your due diligence — you must study your industry.

Know the nitty-gritty and learn from those who are already successful. Understanding the trade demands will make a massive difference in your outcome.