How to Start a Sticker Business? Successful Ways for Starting a Sticker Business

Every successful business needs visual branding behind it, if you are wondering how to make your business visually appealing to your customers then this is a go-to guide about how to start a sticker business. We would also be dealing with the ways you can head to start a sticker business but first let’s discuss Why sticker businesses are important and what they can do for other brands.

What type of sticker business are you considering?

This is the most important step for it decides what kind of business you will be doing and that depends on what kind of stickers you will be making. There are a million ways to go about it but it matters as to what you want to offer and how you would like to offer that. Some artists offer software for their customers and they can create their stickers through that whereas some artists offer customized stickers. The other plans to consider are the ones that would ideally apply to every business. Think about if it’s something you want to pursue full-time or part-time, think about what purpose it serves to you, are you doing it to capitalize on your talent, or are you doing it to kill extra time that you are left with on your boring job. Ultimately it matters how passionate you are with your craft and how badly you want to turn it into a business.

Once you have deciphered this you can move on to the next question that is what kind of stickers would be dealing with. Let’s discuss some examples.

Different Type of Stickers

Since it is a booming business and is expected to only grow, it’s natural that it wouldn’t just have one type of branch that you can venture into, Here are some different types of stickers.

1. Logo Stickers:

Image: Source

These are the face of a brand so naturally good businesses know that the appeal of any brand begins with the face value. There is a reason why most fast food brands have stickers in specific colors. I.e- Mcdonald using red and yellow on its logo sticker since psychologically these colors invoke hunger. A good artist and a good brand have the disposal of this knowledge as a common denominator. The logo stickers can also be used as giveaways, a lot of small businesses do this, it makes an everlasting impression in the minds of the customers. They are also used for promotions.

2. Clear Stickers:

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These are quite popular with millennials, These are water and oil-resistant stickers, mainly used for promotional purposes. From big events to window pains, you would find these stickers everywhere. They are categorically printed on waterproof premium vinyl. They can vary in shape and have the advantage of being UV resistant making them more robust. A lot of brands only deal with making this kind of sticker. They can be customized or/and done by apps. 

3. Minimalist Stickers:

Image: Source

Minimalist stickers are extremely in style right now. Less is more and the brands sare catching up to that, minimalism being birthed by post-modern art and culture is in full throttle right now. These stickers are powerful in their simplicity, perfect for electronic gadgets, instruments, and notebooks. These need raw talent to envision something grand that the brand represents and put it down in the most subtle yet influential way.

4. Stickers that are Die-Cut:

Image: Source

These are specific in shape, so they have to be designed in a very careful manner and they can be used on any kind of surface. They are scratch-resistant. They are also robust against sunlight as well as moisture. But none of this means that the design has to compromise, this is the kind of sticker where the possibilities for customization are limitless. So you as the creator can also use them for your branding. They are also ideal for promotions.

5. Stickers in Vivid Colors:

Image: Source

These are aesthetically eternal kinds of stickers, they are bright and multicolored. They have an amazing visual effect that is bound to last in the minds of the viewer. They were popularised in the ’60s during the reggae revolution and now they have just stayed back like nostalgic memorabilia that is somehow still quite fresh and new for the new viewers.

6. Photo Stickers:

Image: Source

Imagine your favorite selfie as a sticker on your best friend’s laptop, fun right? These types of stickers let the customers turn their photos into a sticker. They are made from vinyl material and are easily pasted over household items like bottles, mugs, lockers, electronic devices. The best part about them is that they remove quite easily but they stick strong. Since the coolest part of these stickers is the customization, it doesn’t need much selling to the customers.

7. Bumper Stickers:

Image: Source

These are visual message carriers, they are supposed to be waterproof vinyl, weatherproof as well as quite big. These are also audience-specific, you can cater to individuals or businesses. You can also decide to cater to both. The best way to make it with these is to let businesses create their stickers and then sell that to them at wholesale prices. The golden rule being, if the customers find your work worthy they will come back without a doubt.

What are the costs of starting this sticky business?

All you need is some paper, print die-cut labels that can be done by a simple printer. In case you need to up the quality then you should create a design studio.

You will eventually need to invest in stationery that is specialized for what you wish to create. You would also need sprays and colors. Production in bulk might be difficult at first so try to outsource printing to some different companies. Vet these companies beforehand though, don’t outsource before doing a quality check.

Once you are done going through the buying equipment the only cost that remains is product investment, a website, and basic office expense. You can start with a ballpark estimate of 30,000-50,000$ and as the sales grow you can reinvest in more items and reorders, something that very well-known artists in this industry have done before. Building an audience seems to be more important though. You need to know the people you are dealing with, that is how you break or make the cost. Catering to an audience narrows down the question of cost.

How to Make Stickers to Sell?

Start slow and small, give out some free stickers for your neighborhood. Contact public administrations, work with them to fill up as much public space as possible. Meanwhile, make sure your social media pages are in sync with your progress in the streets. Once you receive feedback from different people about what they like and don’t like you can cater to groups accordingly, you will also know what media strategy is working and which is not. Customer feedback is the key in this step, the more you know them the better the chances of your stickers being sold. Your best resource is your attention span and then what you do with the information you have.

How much do stickers cost to make?

The prices vary according to what stickers you are looking for but the straightforward answer is not a lot, not even if you are doing it in bulk. As it needs just a simple printing and a design in mind. 

What do you need for a sticker business?

For starters you need a vision, without it, one can’t go far in any field. Apart from that, you would need a simple printer, you need specified stationery, a website, and an understanding of how this business world works on social media. An office/studio space, everything a normal office would need but more colorful and fun.

Buy Equipment or Outsource Printing

You can always keep it simple and go for the basics like using some papers, printing die cuts and that is all done by a simple printer. Better quality can be encouraged by design studios. This is of course against the other method of outsourcing. If you are skeptical about outsourcing you would have to buy a digital printer that might cost you at least a few thousand dollars. Investment in special sprays, as well as colors, would also be advised. 

This is where you would have to compare it with outsourcing since with that you can easily cope with large-scale production, it is also saving time. You can also do both i.e keep the simple printer for general stickers and for the bulk you can give the consignment to another production. Ultimately it has to be what you are comfortable with.

Is it worth it to start a sticker business?

Any business in which you are passionate about can grow and would have potential if you play your cards right. a lot of people are very easily able to double their money just through a little effort. If you manage to target fundraisers the profit margin is big and even if you stick to local stores you have a very good chance of earning well. It can very easily be a part-time thing as well. It can still do well on a small scale without your stickers taking over the world, country, or even the town you live in. It is a niche business though. While election stickers are a big thing, political stickers do way better than they’re supposed to anyway for example In 2007 there was a gentleman named Elliot Nachwalter who created a sticker representing President Bush’s last day in the office and he made one million from its merchandise. Much like newspaper stickers too have an expiration date and their life expectancy depends on what is trending so maybe it doesn’t qualify as a full-proof full-time business on its own. The internet has made the sticker business a bit too competitive too. Anyone can easily set up a website and online stores for stickers, but to sell they have lowered their prices as well making anyone’s entry into this market fairly easy but difficult in the long run. It is advisable to not quit your day job for sticker business unless you have lucked out like Elliot here. 

Is a Sticker Business Profitable?

It has all the reasons to be profitable one day but it needs time and effort like any other business, even the profitability depends on your expectation of “profit”. With dedication and passion, it is possible to turn your business into a profitable entity. You have to start somewhere but market research is a must and since sticker making is something that people do on the side you must know what you are competing with. Other than that if you do plan to turn it into a full-time business then make sure you are aware of the cost you would have to cover initially in the business.

How much should I sell my stickers for?

It depends on the market research you do, if you have just started and someone is already selling stickers that you are also making then you should ideally sell your stickers for less money. Eventually, once the customers are convinced with your quality you can start selling it for more. It’s important to know what it is that you are looking for in the market, are you targeting quality, or are you a profit-based company. Even if you are doing it for the passion you have for making stickers it’s just important to prioritize what your customers want.

How to Sell Stickers Online?

You can do it by setting up your website and opening your page on all the basic social media platforms like Instagram, Twitter, Facebook. Set up your payment through PayPal and voila your business is online.

How to Promote and Reach Out to the Target Audience?

The easiest way to do that is through social media

Google Ads – You can easily buy google ads, make them flashy so that your audience clicks on them for sure.

Instagram – Instagram has a lot of businesses, it’s an aesthetically channeled website so make sure you indulge in making reels, putting up BTS of your craft as content on this. It gives an insight to people and helps them be personally involved in your journey.

Facebook – Facebook has different groups and pages that you can post your work at. The reach of Facebook is generic as well as dynamic. You just have to know the right pages and groups.

Create a Website – Having a website is a must, you can use the other social media sites with your website link so more people visit your site even if they’re not buying, increasing your chances of getting clicked on more.

How do I Ensure the Success of My Sticker Business?

Just by sticking to the game, marketing your business, maintaining quality, and knowing your audience.


Starting a business can be tough especially if it’s a sticker business. But with the right amount of marketing, it can be a profitable business like any other. It is a niche market for stickers but if you have a vision for your business that is fresh and has never been done before then there’s no reason why you shouldn’t just start it.