How to Manage a Truck Fleet

If you run a business where distribution or transportation of goods is a crucial aspect of your operation, you may have to consider investing in a fleet of trucks. This can solve many headaches as you have everything set up in house and have complete control of your distribution network. The downside is that running a fleet of vehicles is not a simple operation. You must be prepared to invest in the correct infrastructure to ensure success. Here is our guide to managing a fleet of trucks.

Truck Fleet

Buying the Trucks

The first thing that requires our attention is the purchase of the trucks themselves. Essentially, there are two options here, new or second-hand, But which is the better option? The cost of buying second-hand vehicles is considerably less; it only takes a quick Google search to confirm this. The purchase price is only part of the picture, though second-hand vehicles present an unknown quantity. We can never be complexly sure what issues the vehicle has if it has been adequately maintained or even been in an accident.

Recruit and Look After Drivers.

There is no use having a fleet with nobody to drive it. We need to recruit a team of experienced and reliable drivers. We must ensure the drivers we are recruiting are qualified and experienced enough to take care of the trucks we expect them to drive. Our drivers must hold a Commercial Drivers License or CDL to be legally allowed to drive large commercial vehicles. Beyond the legal considerations, we should look at the driver’s driving history; if they are experienced in short-haul driving, they may not be suitable for long interstate trips. 

Insurance & Accidents

Insurance is a basic necessity for any business operating vehicles. We should be careful when choosing our insurance provider, a cheap insurer may look like a saving at first, but if you do not get the settlement or representation, you require it in the event of a claim. Suppose you are in the unfortunate position of dealing with one of your felt being involved in an accident. In that case, it will be essential to retain the services of an excellent truck accident attorney to ensure we get the compensation we are due.


Keeping our fleet running smoothly is undeniably one of the most important issues. A broken-down truck not only costs us in terms of the repairs but also in terms of lost time. A driver waiting at the side of the road for a tow truck to arrive is a costly one. We can never prevent every single breakdown but keeping to a regular service schedule will give a much better chance of this; at least every six months is desirable.


Fuel can be expensive. If you have a reasonable number of vehicles, this can add up to a significant cost sooner rather than later. We can use this buying power to our advantage by signing up to a discount fuel club. To effectively manage and optimize fuel expenses, implementing a comprehensive fleet fuel management solution can provide valuable insights and cost-saving strategies. This sets a low price for all of your fuel purchases across all your vehicles.

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