How to Know if Your Car Accident Case is Worth a Claim

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All civil lawsuits focus on damages, including financial harm, injuries, or property damage. Damages also have personal injury claims aimed at helping passengers and drivers get compensation for injuries they get from auto accidents. However, several factors determine how much compensation you receive and the amount of time it takes to get it. Here are eight of them:

1. Did You Get a Copy of the Police Report?

The report provides the accident details, the badge number, and the investigation police’s name. Often, insurers contact investigation officers to verify the statement you make on claims.

2. Did You Get Medical Care?

Get medical attention as soon as you get involved in an accident. In some states, you may not get raised claims for injuries that show up later.

3. What are the Limits of Your Car Insurance Policy?

Insurance limits indicate the actual limits you can recover after an accident. Many people can’t afford to seek justice, so they attempt to get compensation from the other driver’s insurer. You may not get compensation if your insurance policy limit is lower than your damages. However, you can hire an experienced car accident attorney to work this around for you.

4. Did You Have Any Injuries Before the Accident?

If you had any health issues or injuries before the accident, your physician should capture the new injuries through ultrasounds or x-rays. Then, comparing the current and previous scans can show the damage caused to the area. If the scans show no recent injury, then you may not have any claim.

5. Did You Make any Statements at the Accident Scene?

The defendant can use the statements you make at the accident against you, so you should avoid making negative comments. However, it may be good to note anything the other driver says.

6. Did You Have Witnesses at the Scene?

If there were some witnesses during the accident, you should request them to offer assistance while proving your case. However, find out what they have to say in advance so you can oppose it.

7. Do You Have Photos of the Accident?

Pictures taken in a car accident scene will play a significant role in the lawsuit.

8. What Records Do You Have of Damages That Happened After the Accident?

You should have documents and records showing the number of days you failed to report to work and the wages you lost because of the accident. You should also prove that the accident interfered with personal activities and interests and your visits to medical professionals. The records will document the damages that resulted from the car accident.

When you get involved in a car accident, hiring a personal injury lawyer is essential to help you navigate the case. The lawyer will be experienced in auto accident claims and will be the best to file for you and provide you with higher chances of getting better compensation. The lawyer will also refer you to the best medical professionals and guide you on handling the claim and coping with the injuries and damages.

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