How To Find Your True Calling in Life

Lucky are those who have found what they love to do and do it with pleasure. Living passionately is a challenge all by itself and not a rosy dream as it seems. As we grow, at each stage we understand the importance of duties and responsibility. Most of us go about our lives fulfilling those duties that turf out the very essence of our life’s purpose. To dig deep into your soul to discover what truly fulfills your journey is a conscious decision to make. 

Pursue What You Love

Make a list of hobbies and pursue them one by one. It gives you time to understand what feels good for your heart and soul. You intuitively tune into the rhythm of your life instead of going about mundane tasks that feel like Bill Murray’s Groundhog Day. When you make a list of hobbies and passions that you love, you will find where your heart settles in. A single passion that makes the journey of your soul fulfilled. 

Not an easy task as everyday duties keep the mind busy ignoring the heart’s true desire. Not every passion leads to an enterprise or greatness. Finding your true calling is a journey within your soul that you are consciously willing to take and pursue regardless of the challenges. Most of us are discouraged following our hearts not letting us live our life to its fullest potential. But, when you start this sojourn, choose a deeper path that leads to what brings meaning to your soul, you have reached a higher dimension. 

When you begin the joy of finding your true calling, it changes your perspective on life, relations, finances, and predicaments. You have less to worry about as your heart is beating to the rhythm of what you truly want to do no matter the impediments and discouragement. You rise about the bourgeois and mundane and live a life filled with a purpose, wisdom, and mindfulness. 

Enliven Your Inner World

We end up listening to the noise of opinions that drown our hopes and aspirations. When you develop a stronger will to pursue, experiment and explore umpteen options, you have less to focus on life’s inadequacies. It’s a path leading to happiness in its truest sense. You have more to give and be a role model for your loved ones and others to follow. Your quest for finding your true calling could motivate those who come in contact with you and connect with you.

Those who consciously focus on inner engineering have chosen a path of developing a higher perspective. The solutions to your problems are autodidactic as you search your soul, the answers come to you. You understand your true purpose of being in this world and the value you can bring to others. 

Explore, Experiment, Take Risks

You cannot find your true calling unless you take a risk of exploring uncharted arenas where you have never been and finding if your heart and soul sails through the conscious choices you make. The will to take risks to branch away from the mundane and make unique choices that are in-sync with your beliefs, principles and the taste is a starting point of finding your true calling. 

Most people are happy to get by their life, fulfill duties, and go about their lives. The will to go beyond the mundane is a risk very few are willing to take because they want to go beyond duties and explore all the wonderful things in life. 

Why Most Of Them Do Not Take Risk

Most people are satisfied with having a job, a home, and a few luxuries that satisfy their material needs. Finding your true calling is to go beyond material satisfaction and find what satisfies your soul. The perspective of the purpose of life varies for an individual. Finding what you love to do might not be a risk most people are willing to take because they are too involved running on the hamster’s wheel to look deeper. 

Those who find their true calling have found the rainbow that keeps them driven to forge forward. Willing to take a calculated risk, develop mental abilities, attitudes, and to keep learning leads to wisdom and spiritual growth. You focus on your strengths instead of weaknesses and polish your abilities and skills. When you find your true calling you end up doing better and seek growth exponentially. You plan with a purpose and choose a unique path that makes you stand out in the crowd.

Develop Your Interests

A person could have single or multiple interests. In the latter scenario, the way to recognize your true calling is to know which interest you would like to pursue for a longer time without losing hope or interest. Some activities keep us interested for a short time and a few which never get us bored no matter how tedious and challenging they seem. This is one of the ways to recognize your true calling as you can pick up the one that keeps your spirits and drive up and builds your strength, confidence, and zeal for life. 

Does This Feel Good?

The interests you pursue, do they make you feel good. To differentiate between hobbies and passion requires you to explore deeper, see how it builds you, or leads you to nowhere. When you start looking into options that interest you, it makes you less distracted and focused on what you love to do and want from your life. 

You experiment and try new things that interest you bringing more excitement and enthusiasm to everything you do. You go beyond a routine and connect to things you love to do and seek. You have a different routine and live each day to its fullest potential. You might as well develop the virtue of patience, persistence, tenacity, resilience, and be a better person each day. 


Your true calling is waiting to happen and give you the life that you dream of. Finding your true calling and pursuing it relentlessly is a conscious decision you make and take a path that your heart chooses. Your heart and mind are in sync as you begin this journey that beats the ennui of the daily routine.