How to Effectively Assign Tasks to Employees

Being a good leader who is able to complete huge projects, requires proper organization and management skills. The ability to assign tasks to your employees effortlessly is a necessary skill that every leader should possess. This is crucial in achieving true team spirit as you will show your employees that you appreciate them all equally. 

Task assigning means defining employee responsibilities and allocating all necessary resources for team members to finish their projects with success and on time. The process of assigning tasks can sometimes be difficult but to do it properly, you should know your employees’ strengths, weaknesses, and abilities. However, you need to create a detailed plan for assigning tasks, so each employee feels satisfied with their role within the projects. 

So, if you struggle to find the right way to assign tasks to your team members, here are four ways to figure things out. 

Implementing SoD in Your Organization 

To complete a task successfully, you have to make sure that they are fairly distributed among all team members. You cannot assign one task to just one person and give that person complete control over the entire project. To ease the process of assigning tasks, implement segregation of duties (SoD) in your company. SoD is an internal control designed to prevent any possible errors and fraud conducted by individual users. It ensures there are at least two employees responsible for completing an important task that can impact financial reporting. 

So, to prevent abuse of access rights, company executives first have to identify and analyze all SoD conflicts, which can be done proactively and reactively. This is necessary because most SoD conflicts happen in the financial department of a company. For example, if an employee has access to both sides of a function, like creating a new purchase order (PO) and also signing the same, it is considered an SoD conflict. But, this type of SoD conflict is a theoretical risk and not an actualized one. All SoD conflicts should be identified to prevent SoD violations from happening. 

The SoD violation is in fact an actualized risk because it might show criminal behavior by an employee. For instance, when the employee actually creates the PO and signs it, it represents criminal activity to steal funds. But, not all SoD violations are illegal. To be able to control this, you need to perform a regular SoD check. 

You can work with a third-party company to provide you with an effective SoD management tool that will scan and monitor all employee activities and notify you if there is any fraudulent activity happening within the company. This way, you can eliminate any risks and maintain a high level of security and control in your company. 

Share details about the tasks 

Once you’ve set up the team and divided the tasks they should be doing, share with them all details regarding the project. To achieve that, set up a meeting and communicate the project’s specific instructions, such as the main goals, deadlines, and expectations. 

Providing proper instructions will help your employees clarify any doubts and complete the tasks according to the deadline you have set for them. With effective communication, you will encourage and motivate them how to perform their daily tasks. 

Set an achievable deadline

Establishing achievable deadlines will help your team members organize themselves in a better and more proactive way. They will be aware of the due date and divide their tasks accordingly. This way, they will stay productive and effective. 

You can also set several deadlines for each task and consult with employees and check the development of the project. It will help you become more aware of whether the main deadline will be achieved; or is impossible and you need to prolong the project.  

Provide them with feedback

Once they start with the project, make sure you communicate with your employees regularly and monitor their progress. The entire company will benefit from this, and it will help your employees if they get stuck somewhere, or if you think that it is necessary to try a new approach. 

In fact, 96% of business leaders believe that active communication is essential for a productive work environment. Also, you can discuss future plans and how this experience helped them grow. This way, they will feel appreciated and motivated to continue working, knowing well that you appreciate their work and effort. 

Final thoughts

Assigning tasks is crucial to the success of any project completion. True leaders should be able to recognize their employees’ strengths and assign them tasks according to their skills. To achieve success, it is necessary to talk with your employees, ask if they need additional help, and divide the tasks accordingly. This will help them stay focused on their responsibilities, meet deadlines, and complete the project effectively.

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