How to Decide if your Business Idea is Viable

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These days, virtually anyone can become an entrepreneur in no time. There are countless website builders, marketplaces, and other tools available to help you set up a company and start selling. However, just because the barrier to entry is lower for entrepreneurs today, doesn’t mean there aren’t challenges to overcome.

Before you quit your current nine-to-five job and consider looking at starting your own company, it’s important to make sure your business idea is actually viable. This basically means following tips for your startup and looking at a range of factors to determine whether your company can make money, and how much cash you’ll need to make to earn a profit. Here are some quick tips to help you determine if your business idea is viable.

Factors to Consider when Testing Business Feasibility

The first, and perhaps most important thing you’ll need to start a successful business is a unique idea. You need a concept for a specific service or product you can offer your intended target audience which sets you apart from other companies. While you don’t necessarily need to invent something brand-new, you need to at least have a way of setting yourself apart from the competition. Ask yourself what’s going to make your product or service special compared to other competitors in your field, then look at the following factors:


You’re going to need to find funding for your new company. Most of the time, this will involve taking out a business loan. There are various kinds of business loan to choose from, including lending options which come with access to extra support and guidance from professional financial experts. Ask yourself what kind of funding you’re going to need to make your business a reality, and whether you can afford the costs.


Once you know what kind of funding you’re going to need, and what sort of business you’re going to run, ask yourself who your ideal customer is going to be. Think about who can benefit most from your solution or product, and what kind of spending potential these customers are going to have.


The presence of at least some competition in your chosen area indicates your business idea is somewhat viable. If companies are already making money off an idea similar to yours, this shows that there’s a clear audience for whatever you’re selling. However, too much competition could mean the market is overly saturated.

Making an Income with Your New Business Idea

Running the numbers and making sure you can not only afford to launch your business, but pay back the cost of your business loan, and make a long-term profit, is crucial when starting your own company. Launching an organization of any kind takes a lot of time, effort, and commitment. Feasibility tests are how you ensure you’re not wasting your money on something that won’t work. Feasibility tests can also be a valuable addition to your business plan. You can use your research into the potential profit of your business to boost your chances of getting a business loan or attracting the attention of investors.

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