How to Deal with Computer Eye Strain

It was just over two decades ago that we started having computers incorporated into the home and day to day life, and with that technological advancement, everything progressed seemingly within a blink of an eye. These days, you would be hard-pressed to get through the day without using a computer, tablet, or smartphone as an extremely large portion of our work and personal life operates around the internet.

That being said, many of us have heard about the negative consequences of staring at a computer screen for too long, but how are you supposed to mitigate the negative effects when it is your job every day?

Read this piece to find out!

Get Blinking

Blinking helps refresh and ‘reset the eye’. You might think “I already blink, how can you not?!” but did you know we blink significantly less, less than half as often as normal when we are staring at computer screens? Whether you are transfixed by the latest released show on Netflix or have a piece of writing that you get really into, not taking a break can contribute to dry eyes and eye strain.

When we do not blink, our tears are not being evenly distributed over our eyeball, which means they can dry out and become irritated, often causing blurry and itchy symptoms. Not ideal.

Take ‘blink’ breaks to make sure your eyes stay moist, and for those with really dry eyes or who are contact users, invest in some eye drops to keep things fluid.

Wear the Right Eyewear

Glasses or contacts exist for those who need to use them at work and use computer screens regularly. This can help ease some of the symptoms of eye strain by using specific tints or lens coatings which can help limit the detrimental effects of eye strain. Make sure to take care of your eye health and have regular check-ups, especially if you are using contacts, to make sure you have the best set up for your eyes!

Take Breaks

It can be hard to take breaks when you feel like you have mountains of work to do, and not a lot of time to do it in, or that you want to watch one more episode because you are *hooked* on what is going to happen in a finale. But, your eyes will not thank you in the long run for not scheduling respite.

You should take breaks from screens every 25 minutes anyway, as your brain stops being able to process information as efficiently. Looking away from your screen periodically on the spot far away can help for those times you cannot move away from the desk – otherwise, get up and take a look around and be sure to focus on objects in the distance to help give your eyes some range of motion and focus.

Move Your Monitor Away from You

Now laptops are extremely common, so is having our screens right in front of our faces. To lessen the effects of eyestrain, be sure to create a setup where your screen is a safe distance away from your eyes, and you can sit comfortably, facing the screen at the correct height!