How to Change your Future

If you are stuck in a rut wondering where life could have taken you had you made different decisions, it is time to give your mindset a face lift. 

There is always time to change your future. Whether you are thinking ‘how did I even get here?’ or know exactly what you would change if you had the chance to start again, the only way is forward. 

We cannot predict all the things that life will throw at us. What might have seemed like the perfect career, relationship or investment in the past can quickly turn sour through no fault of our own. 

But, instead of accepting fate and letting life pass you by, there are plenty of ways you can change your future and create the life you want. 

Step 1. Decide to make the change 

There is a big difference between wanting to change the future, and actually putting the work in. The first thing to do is to sit and think about where you currently are. Reflecting can be difficult for anyone, but it is a crucial part of moving forward. 

The next thing is to decide to make the change you want to see. After accepting where you are and how you got there, you are in a good position to change the future for the better. It is important to remember that whenever you are making a change, it can be a long process. But do not give up at the first hurdle. 

Step 2. Know what needs to change 

It might be your financial situation, your hate for your career or a toxic relationship. Understanding what needs to change gives you the foundations for building a better future. 

After deciding on what it is you want to change, how will you get there? Perhaps you could benefit from Bank Street’s graduate programs to pursue a new passion; maybe you need to hire a financial advisor, or could confronting issues in your relationship help? 

Identify what needs to change and look at your options for how you will change it. 

Step 3. Take action

Whether you need to requalify, write your feelings down or take a good hard look at your finances, the next step is to take action. 

Perhaps you would feel better with mapping out the changes, which is totally understandable. But it is worth remembering to have flexibility within this map as you do not know what else might happen along the way. 

Taking action can be scary, but it is the only way to create your future. Just remind yourself what you are doing and why you are doing it. 

Step 4. Be prepared for the reaction 

With every action, you get a reaction. Your enquiry into a particular degree course might show you have got a long journey ahead; the honest conversation you had with your partner may not have gone as planned; perhaps you are a long way from being debt free

What is important is to stay focused. Whatever twists and turns life throws at you, remember: You have the strength to grow and adapt to the situation at hand; only you have the power to stand up tall and change your future. 

About Carson Derrow

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