How Students Around the World Found Successful Startups

Are you a business student? Or are you a student whose interests lies in setting up successful startups? Then this is your guide. 

Your life as a student isn’t limited to studying and passing exams only. There is always that extra time you will get, and if you have extra resources, you can effectively create a successful startup that can become a movement in some years. Whether you have your paper to write or any other academic assignment, don’t let that inner dream of creating a successful startup. You can always join the movement and emulate what other students are doing to bring such startups to life. 

But then, what exactly are these students doing that others aren’t doing? Keep reading to find out more. 

Ways through which students found successful startups

You might be admiring some students across the globe how they have managed to pull up a successful business setup. Below are some of the things they did, and you, too, can follow suit and create a successful startup. 

Developing passion

A successful startup must be created out of passion. You cannot just wake up one day and decide you are going to set up a startup. Think of why you need such a startup or what makes you love such a startup. The interests you have are the key elements that will always push you out of your comfort zone until you have achieved your objectives. Therefore, passion and interest are key to successful startups. 

Reach out to potential customers and shareholders

Of course, not all startups are viable. But then, how do you prove that the startup you want to engage in is worth the investment? It can only be through talking to people directly affected by the problem you are trying to work on. These are the customers and shareholders in the specific sector. This will give you first-hand information and details you need to evaluate and decide whether to proceed as planned or if you should change the dimensions of the startup. 

Validate the problem you want to fix

At this point, you already have the arising issue, and you have identified the gap you want to fill by creating a successful startup. Before you think of a solution, ask yourself, is the idea viable? Is the problem big enough that it needs an immediate solution? This step will require you to do a bit of research on people directly affected by the problem you want to solve. Hear their views and perspectives on the matter, and you can judge from the feedback you get. Based on the feedback, you can now proceed or abort the mission. 

Validate the solution you want to offer

After validating the viability of the existing problem and realizing that it has a huge impact on affected people, you now go back to the solution you initially had in mind. Here, you will have to go back to people again to gather some more information. However, the aim is to get suggestions on how they would like the existing problem handled. Compare the feedback you get with your thought solutions. From here, you can proceed and set up a successful startup.

Connect with other entrepreneurs

Once you set up your startup, that is not all. How will you know the market dynamics and operations? It can only be through interacting with other business personnel handling similar startups. You will get to learn about price variations, market trends, and other useful insights that will help you scale your startup. 

Don’t forget to join business-related programs from your school and even away from school. It is through such programs that you get to ask questions, get ideas, and make more connections for a successful startup. 

Don’t forget to save and raise money for the startup

As a student, it can be challenging to get enough funds to pull up a successful startup. If you have extra support from parents and well-wishers, then you are good to go. However, don’t forget the dynamics of profits and losses in any startup. In any case, commitment is key to achieving your dream goal of setting up a successful startup.


Are you a student who is passionate about creating a successful startup? Consider the highlights in this guide, and you will be good to go.

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