How do Businesses use 2FA for Better Security?


The company development depends on its ability to provide high-quality protection of documentation and other important files. Common security options are doubtful, which has been proven by the recent years’ events. It seems impossible to find a solution, but you should make informed decisions.

2-factor authentication is a high-tech solution that has shown excellent results. Users are to undergo a thorough check to avoid illegal access to personal information. It won’t be difficult to turn the idea into reality since this algorithm is a time-proven one.

What is 2FA?

The database processing and preparation require protection from fraudsters. The goal can be achieved by implementing the two-factor authentication system. 

The gist of the method is as follows:

  • checking access rights to the required files;
  • implementation of additional protection;
  • control overall visits to the resource or platform;
  • access administration;
  • no opportunity to take possession of the authenticator.

The changes will go unnoticed by ordinary employees. The management will achieve the required result by not disclosing information about the introduction of new technology. The access tools must be kept away from prying eyes to prevent illegal seizures.

How does 2-factor authentication work?

When searching for effective solutions, you will surely come up with connecting 2FA. By introducing the new technology, you can fear no more and protect information from third parties. Large enterprises widely use this protection format, but some still refuse to enable it. Implementation of the authentication method system provokes enhanced control at several levels:

  1. Common login. A user specifies the information that was selected when registering on the resource or platform.
  2. One-time identifier. To access the account, the owner will need to use an identifier key.
  3. User identification. Any two-factor authentication for companies can be used as a certificate: an access card, a token, fingerprints, a face.
  4. Temporary access code. The login will be restored after specifying a one-time combination sent by the system. 

The successful completion is indicated by the restored page. In case of a fraud attempt, a message will be sent to a smartphone or other equipment. This proves that 2FA for websites is a reliable method.

Elements of two-factor authentication

At the second stage of verification, the user provides a certificate that only he can have. Fingerprints and key scanning are common ways of restoring access. Since the protection method categories differ, such verification is a part of the identity verification system.

The information is protected by using several elements that don’t fall under a single category. For example, password protection and answering a particular question is not a reliable 2FA for your business. To achieve the goal, you will need something else.

Types of two-factor authentication

For reliable data protection, a variety of unique equipment is used. Mobile devices and tokens, keys, and other devices are reliable options for restricting unauthorized access. All the above-mentioned methods are united by their ability to confirm access rights.

Identifier owners can open certain types of files. Not every employee needs access to certain documents and other data. This ability is provided by the security system and is controlled by the account or resource owner.

What are the benefits of using 2FA for your organization?

By providing security, you can guarantee that it’s impossible to transfer data to third parties. Limited access to files will become an insurmountable obstacle for intruders who seek to seize personal information.

By using special applications and devices, you turn hacker attacks into a waste of time, since it will be impossible to log in to personal accounts. When refusing to enable the protection due to costs reason, you should keep in mind probable additional costs in case of a successful attack on the company’s servers.

How can you implement it in your company? 

Implementation of the 2-factor API implies certain difficulties, including a selection of a suitable identifier. By working with reliable suppliers of equipment (keys, tokens), you will ensure an adequate security level.

Plug-in activation is one of the best options for restricting access. Well-known companies specializing in software development offer turnkey solutions. There aren’t any problems with using the tools, so they remain relevant.

How can BSG help with business 2FA?

The main advantage of implementing a 2FA validation API is the ease of connecting the service. The system automatically generates one-time passwords for quick access to the required resources. They can only be used only once.

Since it’s impossible to use the same code for further authorization, the required security level is provided. The system sends one-time passwords to the specified contact number, and it will be impossible to access important files without a mobile device.

BSG World enjoys the customers’ well-deserved trust and offers the add two-factor authentication to the website to business owners. The simple identity verification procedure and no need to purchase expensive equipment are the key advantages of using the services.

Final word

The need to improve the security system is out of the question since the number of cybercrimes keeps growing. 

The ability to control unauthorized access to important files and documents becomes available thanks to the two-factor authentication API

Secure protection combined with high security makes it possible not to worry about data security.

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